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What can I do to ease the pain during a fast methadone detox?

Hello all! I am a thirty year old female that has been on methadone successfully for over a year and a half. Due to a car accident and transportation issues I was forced to switch to a more local clinic who took away my split dose because they only grant them to pregnant woman and took away my five bottles which allowed me to attend the clinic twice a week. They have made me start earning my privileges over with them. I started detoxing at two mg a week and went from 125 to 115. Last week I received a letter from Medicaid stating that I was losing my insurance due to making 150$ over the poverty level before taxes. I mean why would they base it on what you actually take home and have to spend that would be ludicrous. So anyway, I can't afford 100$ a week due to other pills so I've decided to go down five mg a day. I will have to pay for two weeks at the end but I know I couldn't handle coming down ten mg a day which is what they initially offered. I have gone from 115 to 85 in a week and a half and am still comfortable. I know it's going to get painful though. Is there anything I can do to help ease the pain? I'm just hoping that the shock of detoxing so quickly will help me lose the sixty pounds I have gained on methadone very quickly as that weight on my 5 foot frame has been horrible for my knees and lower back. Any advice on detox or weight loss would be very welcome! Thanks and good luck to anyone else struggling on methadone.
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Oh my gosh that's a horrible autocorrect! Other bills not other pills!!!
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