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What's the best plan for getting off a two year methadone maintenance regimen?

Entered an outpatient program to get help for a heroin addiction.taking 100mg. daily and would like to taper way down,or maybe taper down and get off it completely.
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hello & welcome.
Congrats on getting off of heroin.
how long have you been on methadone? and at this dose?
have you spoken with your counselor  and /or your doctor at the clinic?
its always best on your body and mind to do a slow taper. it could take a year or so.
have you been going to support groups and talking with a counselor/ therapist?
there is freedom from the chains and bondage of addiction.
you have to learn to live life on its terms that is where support groups, therapy, church, can
help you with coping skills.
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