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force daughter into rehab

hi everyone i am at the last of my patience I have an 18 yr old daughter who states only smokes marijuana after being caught last year with meth, she has been in the last 2 years thru juvi detention but honestly i think it made it all worse, i live in az can i force her to rehab ?
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NO MA'AM. I am sorry but no you cannot! I am a recovering heroin addict, you have to hit a real low, just remind her that you love her, and will always be there to get her help when she needs it. Never stop telling her. If you force her to rehab (from experience and seen time and time again) it does nothing after or she will leave. When she is ready to stop, she will understand that aftercare is the important part. I've been to 4 rehabs. Addiction is a beast, everyone is a star in rehab so she will get comfortable with it but when she walks off that porch, its a whole new ball game. You have to want to go to rehab. You have to want to quit that way of life, meetings and a sponsor are so essential. I'm 21 and been around and around. I love my mom So much. I wish I could have quit for her when she forced me the first time. But I couldn't. I made a choice with no one around as a broken lost 21 year old kid, and I'm doing ok today.. I really just want to help you understand the severety of the disease of addiction. As a child with a worried mom, I can feel your pain just remembering my mom cry as she seen all my track marks. But don't feed her!!! You have to show her love without enabling. I hope she beats this, and I hope your worries are gone. I
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Until she is ready to quit forcing her to go to rehab won't do anything. It is so hard as a parent to watch your child go down this path and feel completely powerless to stop it, the desire to quit has to come from within.
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