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meds and a few beers

hello,I was wondering if any of you know if there is a danger to drinking 3 or 4 3.2 percent beer while on xanax,i also have been taking 1 vicoden a day since sept for tooth pain..mu dr told me a few is ok as long as i dont do this every day.i just want to have a few drinks on special occasions.but i hear so much about adding alchol to meds.I know people do it.They say you have to take more drugs than perscribed and drink alot of beer? Im not addicted to beer but I am to the xanax.Thank You
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It all depends of ones metabolism and how long you've been doing each of them. When I used to take Xanax I would drink a few glasses of wine or mixed drinks here and there and had no problem. You should talk to your are prescribing doctor for the best advice and to be safe.
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If you are a person with addiction easily.. NO, NO but just a couple and if your using it subscribed I'd say it does it's job and be careful.  God Bless you
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I'm 5 mouths pg an I was wounder in if pain pill will hurt my baby
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