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Cocaine, True Emotions

I know its completely subjective, however does anyone know if cocaine is like a truth serum? Ive had cocaine recreationally before and I find it spills all these thoughts and feelings I've had inside?

I had an incident with a friend of mine a few months back, we ended up sleeping together whilst he was high and he kept saying all these things about our past and how its finally happening etc… it had been building up for a long long time... He seemed completely coherent … enough to use protection recall memories and use my name. He has since cut ties with me at the expense of saving a male friendship… but I am just wondering… does cocaine usually affect someone like this? Or does it make you say whatever to get whatever?

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I always found it made me have diarrea of the mouth!  I said things I NEVER should have said and i'm not sure how much truth there was to them!  I wouldn't trust anything said when high, sorry :(
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OOOOOHH  i totally missed the male FRIENDSHIP.  haahaa.  guess my daughter is on my mind.  why in the world would it ruin his friendship?  is his friend in love with you?
if so, then set him straight and tell him it would not be a possibility for you and his friend to be together.
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it sure can lower your inhibitions and get you to open up.  
are you saying he is bi sexual and wants to save his relationship with his bf??
my daughter is in love with someone just like this and i think she is nuts.  not that i think your nuts, but does she really think she is going to change him??  it would be bad enough worrying about him cheating with women, but you have to worry about men too.  i would totally pass on that relationship if i were you
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