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Conscience working overtime

I'm new to sobriety. I roughed out the physical withdrawal, just went cold turkey. But now my conscience has returned with a vengeance. I used to an excellent liar, thief, you name it. Now the idea of returning something to a shop fills me with dread.

I both love and hate my family, because they don't understand addiction at all, so most family occassions lead to me telling them to collectively [email protected]#k off. And honestly, my addiction problems started in the family home.

Can anyone else relate? I'd love to attend Na, but the idea terrifies me. Lots of addicts in one room? I've done the rooms, can't be dealing with them right now.

Any advice?
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Hey there. Long time without an answer.  so sorry. The addiction/substance abuse forum here is more active and for people getting/staying clean.  How is it going now? Update me. even if it isn't good, I'd like to chat.  I understand you on family. Often they don't get it and say/do dumb things. Sometimes when they are meaning to help but it gets old after awhile.  

Did you ever make it to NA?  Even if that is not the place for you, there are good resources that they provide. And perhaps 'someone' that you can be buddies with to hang out with. Sober friends help.
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