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My mums heroin addiction.

I'm 23 years old and I have been staying with my Mum for the past couple of months. My Mum has been addictedto heroin ever since I was born, but she is now on a Methadone program. Here in the UK, she has to go to the chemist everyday and take her methadone in front of the pharmacist, but this changed to daily pick ups and then to picking up 2 days a week. She missed picking up her methadone last Saturday and I have my suspicions she is back on heroin. Can a person have pinned eyes when they are on methadone? Can they slur when they are on methadone and talk differently? Do people on methadone just look like they are on heroin?
I am very upset about this situation, she is very defensive and I do not want to accuse her but she has a past of lying about being clean.

Thanks in advance
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i myself was a heroin addict .....quit about 5 months back. though got no experience with meth but if she s skipping her meth treatment i can assure u she probably is back on heroin.
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So sorry your going thru that. Not sure about the eyes but I knew my cousin was back using when he was acting normal. Idk why but when he was out of it and slurring, meant he was out. Be strong and I will keep you in my thoughts.
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Ive seen people on methadone maintenance&yes they get high off it and do slur erc BUT u know what she is like everyday taking it so that combined with missing her dose&not caring thay she did,pin point eyes slurring etc she is using heroin again.She would b n wicked w/d,she would definitely b complaining,showing severe w/d symptoms(no slurring isnt a withdraw symtom its a high on heroin symptom).No one on methadone maintenance who isnt using there drug of choice n her case heroin would miss there methadone EVER!!!Im sry u r stuck n this situation.When a parent is an addict kids often switch there rolls and become the parent its not fair.I would confront her flat out.Show her this if need be.She cant fool a bunch of ex junkies.She will lie to u(as im sure u know).This
  is so unhealthy for u&if she cant get on&stay
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On meth maintenance get away from her.U have spent ur whole life w/her as a junkie amd the longer u stay,try to force her2do the right thing the more ue gonna end up resenting her.U cant force her to get sober but u can go to alanon meetings they will help u understand she wont do this til she is ready,u cant do a thing about it.Im so sad u have ro deal with this.u deserve a better parental system.
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