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My son refusing helo

My 20 year old son attempted suicide last week.  He refuses to admit to anyone other than me that that's what he did which led to drs in the hospital to think he was delusional possibly psychotic.   He is home now and refuses to talk to anyone or take medication.  I don't know how to deal with this.  They weren't able to give a diagnosis because he was still high from the pills he swallowed.   How can I tell if this is an episode or a permanent illness?  
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Hi mama,
I'm a little confused about the hospital.   They knew he took alot of pills, being taken to the hospital in that condition is an addict od or suicide attempt, the delusional  psychotic. ..we're does that fit ?
They assumed he was delusional / psychotic reason  he took the pills, or they mentioned he was delusional/ psychotic after effects of the pills ?
Drugs can bring on drug induced psychosis,  which normally will go after the drugs have left his system, but I have also been told it can take up to years to settle (less common )
I'm sorry I'm confused....but I didn't want to let your post go.
When did he tell you it was a suicide attempt...after leaving the hospital ?
Mom, you need to get in touch with someone....doctor, mental health hotline,  suicide hotline, you can't keep his secret. Tell them he attempted suicide and he refuses help.  I'm not sure what can be done now, that he's left the hospital....but hopefully someone will lead you in the right direction...make them hear you.
I gone through it with 2 of my kids. ...it's a very scary place to be.
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She's right. See if the psychiatrist from the hospital will accept him as a patient. He needs to be evaluated. If they prescribed him medication they had made a preliminary diagnoses in the hospital.
  Do everything in your power to see that he takes the medication. You can both attend free support groups thru NAMI until his Dr appt. just check online for time and place.  Enlist the support of family and friends. Like Deb said. Don't be alone in this.  If there's the sign he may be of a danger to himself he will be automatically held in a psych ward in most states for a minimum of 3 days. It's important for his safety that you take him to emerg or call 911.
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