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My father was recently mistreated at the hospital for an overdose., I had to call 911 because of a severe seizure and he had his ativan filled the day before , there were 2 gone than what was supposed to be and the emt told the er that he was having an overdose, I told the er nurse of the seizure and she was very extremely rude about it and they took him to icu and treated him 3 days for an overdose all 3 nurses I spoke to about the seizure never once doing any type of testing or anything for the seizure,m they let him out after 3 days of meds to counteract a drug od still out of his head, like chicken tenders in applebee's light socket and chasing flags on his cigs out of it, and his bloodwork shows he had not 1 amount of his pain or nerve medication even in his system. After a week of this behavior after the icu stay I finally got him to another er because his doc was on vacation and he could not get a neurologist referral which is still the case but this er found his thyroid completely crazy and his fever at 103 but they did a spinal tap and now his neck 2 weeks later he still cannot move it and my father will die before complaining of pain so I know it is real pain, the er of the doc who performed the spinal gave him antibiotics and delada but the neurologists will not even speak to him about it, the antibiotics have done nothing after 4 days and no other er will do anything at all because the neurologist is not affiliated, and as I said his doc is on vacation and noone else will speak to him without a referral, my questions are as follows..!. What can happen being mistreated for an overdose for 3 days?? 2> Is this reaction after 2 1/2 weeks or so after spinal tap normal or should we worry and 3. I have complained to the hospital but they wrote everything down to benefit themselves on the matter of noone listening or treating my father the right way and will not do anything about it,,,what should we do in this case???
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Geez Louise, yes Hospitals can make some pretty horrific mistakes, as we've all heard of some of the injustices.

I've found one site that deals with these types of injustices in the States. Hope this helps to set you on the right course of action. Let us know how this works itself out.?


Peace to your family. Liz
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IIhave been off this site for several days and  just noticed your post. Personally I unfortunately have no great words of advice but am  so sorry that you and your dad are going through this. I would suggest that he see his regular doctor ASAP to get advise on how to move forward . I wish you all the best.
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