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Please help me

Hey everyone,
My husband has been a addict to lorecets for over 2 years. I've tried to help him but I have no clue what I'm doing. They have changed him and I miss him and love him with all of me. We have been together for 11 years and recently lost everything because of this habit. It's not all his fault because I had a anger problem and like I said I had no clue what to do to help him. The way I've tried made it worse. I've changed over the past year so I'm able to do this better now. Please help me to help him. I don't know much about this habit just the basics. I don't even know how they are addicting because when I take a 10 I throw up. So please give me some insight on that. I've researched the internet but I can't find much info on how they change you and people get so addicted. Also why do they hurt people to stop taking them. The most important question is how do get someone to stop. All info will be greatly appreciated and if more info is needed from me just let me know.
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Welcome to the forum...you have been given some great advice above.
Al-non has taught me SO MUCH and given me peace and direction in spite of all the addicts/alcoholics in my life.  I learned I did not CAUSE their addiction, I cannot CONTROL their addiction and I cannot CURE their addiction.

Besides getting support for yourself to learn how to equip not enable, I would suggest learning all you can about addiction.  There is a great web site that has 6 tabs at the top of this link I'm going to share.  Each tab at the top will open very informative, valuable info about addiction and there are also short little video clips on the r.h. side of each page.  It will give you a good idea of what addiction is and help you both out.  Here's the link and I hope it helps some.....let us know how you're doing, ok?  Your hubby can also post on the Addiction:  Substance Abuse Forum.  Lots of help there for him should he choose to post and ask for help.  At least have him read some of the posts in that forum.  He will see he is definitely NOT alone.


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Hi Wifey, welcome to the forum. There is lots of advice and support here. It's wonderful that you want to help your husband. Does your husband understand that he is addicted to Lorcets, and more importantly, does he want to quit taking them and get clean? You can try to help him all you can, but until he has decided to quit himself, there is nothing you can do. Lorcets are an Opiate type pain reliever, and that is why they are addicting. The body becomes dependent on them over time, and when they are stopped it goes through physical and mental withdrawal symptoms. Is he prescribed them by a doctor for pain? In order to quit, he will need to admit his addiction, and cut off any and all sources for the pills. If he gets them from a doctor, he will need to talk to his doctor and get their help. If he gets them from the street, then He will need to cut off his source. He will also need to get through withdrawals. We can help you with information on how to ease some of the physical symptoms. How much is he taking per day? Also, he will need some type of aftercare and support. Either therapy, drug counseling, NA/AA meetings, church groups, etc. This will help him stay clean, and is a critical step in this process.  You can also get support for yourself by attending a program, meetings like Alanon. That is for family, friends, loved ones of addicts, and will give you support, and guidance to be able to help your husband.

The good news is that he can do this. I can tell you that life is so much better without the daily stress of being addicted to pills. I wish you and your husband all the best. Please keep posting here with any questions or if you need some support. Take care!
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Hi. I'm gonna give you the bottom line about addiction: there is nothing, NOTHING anyone can do for the addict. The addict needs to be so sick and tired of his/her using that they stop. That's it. It is NOT because of your anger, or your sweetness or your not keeping the kitchen clean. It's because he is an addict.

I urge you to go to Alanon. It exists for the sole purpose of giving relief to the loved ones of addicts. You don't have to live in confusion and misery. Please look up alanon meetings near you:)
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