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My son is doing a 28 day residential program for addiction to opiates.  Is there any book that anyone read that helped them when they were in the similar situation?  He has some free time during the day so I'd like to get him something to read that would be helpful.  He's doing the 12 step program where he is.  Besides the bible, is there anything that anyone would recommend?  Thanks.
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The Big Book is by far the best thing I can think of for extra reading material.  There are a lot of good stories in there and daily antidotes for living sober that make sense.  The 24 hour book is good too:


Hazelden is the publisher of all the recovery books.  So if he didn't already buy this from a meeting already this is where you can buy it online.

I don't know if you have this one already for yourself but One Day at a Time is a great book for daily affirmations:

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Well its good he getting help hope its something he whants to do thread a book or go on the net theres paws post-acute withdrawal syndrome a doc  terence  gorski md it tell u and him what going to help him when he get out  it very good help me out a bunch  good luck
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The just for today meidcationan and It works how and why. I love those books, in fact now that I think about it, I need to find mine and start reading them again. I have really been slacking in my recovery.
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The Alcoholics Anonymous book:

The cognitive behavioral therapy book:

Just a couple to start with.  He may already get issued them in recovery.  Good Luck
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