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Suboxone detox

My husband is detoxing from sub's and is on day 15. He is doing good except he can't sleep. How can I help? I have never been addicted to anything so I am trying to understand and be supportive. Thanks for any advise!
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Tell him that each day it will absolutely get better. If he needs something to help him sleep, ATB's suggestion of exercise and hot shower is an Ideal way to slow his constantly reeling mind down in order for him to fall asleep naturally. In fact, I'll just 2nd her advice because what she said worked for me as well! Great hearing another Suboxone success, it works if you let it! Just support him like you are doing, you are so important for his success in getting clean!
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Thank you so much for your response. Yes he did taper off and the sleep seems to be getting better.  He has been on them for 3 years.
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He is blessed to have your support. Did he attend support groups or therapy when he was on suboxone? If not be should to help prevent relapse.
Sleep takes some time to return. His natural brain chemistry needs to repopulate. Exercising will help with that and as time goes on he will continue to heal.
Eating a protein rich diet, fruits and veggies, drinking protein shakes.
For sleep over the counter melatonin, alteril, sleep by nature made, valerian root, sleepy time tea, a hot bath or shower before bed.
how long was he on suboxone? Did he do a taper?
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