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Thick Headed Friend Forged Perscription Using Real ID & Real Insurance

Well, My friend decided to forge a prescription using his real name and address on prescription along with his real ID and real insurance card after several of us told him not to. He is now petrified about the entire situation and doesn't really know what to do.

He handed the pharmacist the prescription and then he asked for ID. After he was put into the system the pharmacist filled the script, bagged it and gave him a price. He checked his pockets and realized he didn't have enough cash on him he took out his insurance card and said "Oh I do have it I apologize" (he was scared to use his own insurance). The insurance went through, he handed him the medication and my buddy paid the co-pay. Now hes unbelievability scared. He wants to know:

What's the deal with insurance? Will the insurance company contact the doctor? Do you think hes going to get into trouble, lose his job and get locked up?

I really want this situation to blow over him. Hes really not a bad kid and hes not an addict at all. Drugs were never a regular thing for him, or any of us for that matter. The only thing regular for my buddy is stupidity. If anyone out there can help us out that would be great, and I will see to it that he will never do anything like this ever again. Thanks so much.
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Forging a script is a felony.  What type of drugs did he get?
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For someone who is "not an addict" he sure is displaying the behavior!!  It's completely against the law.  Non addicts don't usually break the law to get drugs.  That is a fact!  Eventually the consequences will catch up with him.  Maybe not this time.....but it WILL happen!  

Tell your friend to NOT do that again. Let this serve as a warning! : )
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In what way do you want us to "help us out"??? We can't do anything and i guess that's not what you're asking but...he might get a lawyer....at least he'll know the laws in your state.

It makes a bit of a difference what class of drug it was and the amount of the tablets/capsules.  Ten doesn't raise too much attention but 100 would...
Is the forgery good?  He needs a lawyer...seriously. Who knows what will happen...the pharmacist may have filled it even though he knew it was bogus!   And don't forget about the cameras...your buddy was filmed!

Yes...all forgeries are felonies and Tramahater makes a good point!!

Good luck!!   Oh...tell him not to take any!  A lawyer might be able to use that as "good faith"....

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I agree with the one responder ,definately
"addictive behavior" He also new well enough not to want to use his own ins...I had a friend of a friend who had stolen prescription pads from her work and filled them out herself,She not only wrote one script but 4,eventually the law enforcement was watching her and doing their own investigation...She was later arrested and charged with several felonies,sad thing is she was so young and just had a new baby,there are codes on each script pad,dont know exactly how they track em,but if your friend doesnt get caught,may that be a lesson to him.....best of luck  :)
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He's NOT an addict but forged a prescription?  Come on.....
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