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blood alcohol level mean

My husband was in a motor cycle accident his blood alcohol level was 162 mg/do I need to know how high that is he is going to court and he is a truck driver need to know if a new job down the line
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The blood alcohol % limit for Dwi is .08. In mgs that is 80.
So he was double that amount.
For commercial drivers the limit is even lower. .04% but not sure if that only applies if he was driving a commercial vehicle at the time.

Was your husband injured? Was anyone else injured?
Is this the first time he has ever gotten a Dwi?

Hopefully & prayerfully this will be a wake up call for him.
Does he drink everyday?
Would you consider him an alcoholic?

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Bellow 200 is a low level by law, so he will get the minimum charge allowed. That amount is approx 4-5 beers for an average male. Most likely, the reason he was pulled over will stack the charges. Reckless driving or public endangerment are often added charges they will drop upon a guilty plea to the DWI. Sentence is determined by state, as this is not a felony charge. Your lawyer will come with a plea after arraignment.
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Oh yeah, he needs a new job, the new law will make this stick for 10 years, no commercial license will be allowed until then. It used to be 7 years, but the law changed a couple years ago. Truck companies have zero tolerance to alcohol charges. Sorry to tell you that, but you should know.
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Thanks and no it isn't his first time and it was on a motorcycle not at work
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You give some good thoughts on what should be the effects of alcohol drinking and what should be necessary steps to be taken.In starting phase keep a small amount or no alcohol at home. Don't keep temptations around.
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