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1400mg a day

HOLY COW not me I'm still doing great just watching intervention n saw this girl has a 1400mg a day oxy habit and also does meth. I have never heard of someone being this bad and not being dead that is insane
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My other addiction...Intervention! I LOVE that show! One of two things happen as I watch, guilt consumes because I could be right where they are or stories are so similar or two, sh*t could be A LOT worse! Yikes!! Did you ever see the one about the MMA fighter that was addicted to porn and meth (I think) Guy would no joke smoke and then sit in front of tv watching porn...uummm, helping himself out FOR HOURS!! It was outta hand!!
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Yea I saw it. Yea I feel the same way when I watch shows like that because I know how they feel n I honestly break down and start crying sometimes especially when it involves little kids n the parent is just abandoning them n picking the drugs over them n the lil kid reads their letter at the end n I dunno I guess being that I have been there watching the show I see it a lot different than someone who has never had that problem and it hurts to know I did the same thing to my family not kids I don't have kids but my mom and dad and luckily she my fiancé now but her to and I also kinda make it a point to wat h the show to keep reminding myself of what I did and how I hurt the people I love and It actually helps keep me on the right path because I never want to hurt the people that mean the most to me
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Love that show! I like to play the "will they get Candy or Jeff?" game and the  the "will they make it?" game with my wife :) I love it when Candy doesn't take any [email protected] from neglectful or in-denial parents - she just tells it like it is!
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that show great..brings backs memories of how hard it was,cuz i dont think about the low times much,so its good that it makes me remember . and how i never wanna be back there..i cry alot at the end when the families read there letter...my own mom did that to me n made me think....didnt realise i was affecting them so much.bein off dope is the best..i feel alive now....especially love that i actually have feelings again...
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How on earth does anyone live a week on that kind of habit ? And what would be the cost .
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I refuse to watch the show because I am concerned about the ethics of it. Does anyone else have this problem? I will explain, so they follow these desperate addicts around and film them doing drugs. What effect does the camera have on these individuals, do they just go about doing their regular routine or do they try and go as hardcore as possible to put on a show? What if they are lacking money, and they are not getting the film that they wanted. Will the camera men/producers give the addict some cash so they can go on with the show?

What about consent? Can a person truly know all of the consequences of consenting to being on the show? Does the person truly know and understand that for the rest of their life anyone can easily find a really embarrassing documentary of their life
The list goes on.
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Hey, I just wanted to pop in and say "HI!" Haven't seen you around forever.  Maybe we keep missing eachother!  I love Intervention!  I didn't see the one this week.  Was it on on Monday?
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I'm with you 100% on this one. I still watch the show though so I'm a hypocrite at its finest.
The ethics of Intervention (the show) are pretty ambiguous if you ask me. I've seen multiple people on the show completely wasted (drunk and or high) and get into their car and drive....I've even seen some of the addicts on the show drive with children in their car. I know that it seems like the intentions are good, and I'm sure that many of the people actually do go to treatment and get help and sober up, which is great. But the reality of it is that it a television show and i dont care what the show is about, its purpose is to generate revenue.
As for the addict being embarrassed....well they agreed to be in a documentary about their addiction (or so it says...who knows the terms of consent). But the fact of the matter is that in the end they may end up in recovery with a second chance at life because of this show instead of continuing to use drugs which very well could kill them. Addiction is some serious sh"t...this is somebody's life and it should be more important than pride. You can't be embarrassed if your 6 feet under cause you've died of an overdose.
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As an addict myself I can guarantee you the cameras do not change their daily routine by any means because I know myself I could have cared less if there was a camera or god himself behind me if I was in withdrawal or knew I was going to run out and could go get what I want they both could have sat beside me and I would have been so intent on getting what I was getting that I wouldn't even notice them being there. And I also read online the show does not air until the addict themself has seen it after the intervention and all of that so they know what is going on TV and all of that its not like they see it the first time the same time we do. I actually looked it up cause I was wondering the same thing tho and thought there is no way they put it on without the person knowing what was going on TV first
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And I meant the first part of that last reply as while I was in active addiction I no longer do that but do know I am and will always be an addict just didn't want any confusion on my sobriety there
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N yea I haven't been on for a while until a few weeks or so ago is why ya haven't seen me been in school and just busy and just actually watching intervention one night I thought about the site and figured I'd get back on the forums
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I've watched that show before and thought 'wow, that could be me!".   I didn't wind up in some of the extremes as these people, but the mindset was the same.   Nothing was going to stop me if I had my mind made up or I knew I could get some more pain pills when I was in active addiction and or withdraw.   I sure hope some of those people on the show got help and got out.  
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Today is my first day tapering off of a 25 Percocet, 250mgs a day habit. I am shaking,sweating and terrified. My doctor did some tests and my liver is in trouble, so I have no choice. I've been on Percs for 6 years
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Disregard this comment please
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I'm not talking about a TV show. Just saw this post, better late than never. My best friend, born on the same day as me, is a long time opiate addict and was taking c. 1800mg of Oxy a day. He woke up from a two week coma about 5 yrs ago on suboxone. He plans to take it the rest of his life, he's scared of himself now.  He went to a 30 day rehab for 90 days, they didn't feel safe letting him go. I remember him crushing 3000mg of norco in a cup and drinking it, just to take the edge off to find something stronger. He spent $200,000 in about 3 years and collapsed. I saw him yesterday, he's a working family man now. He's the worst I've ever seen, but it goes to show you how there's a path, if you want to live, no matter where you are in addiction, as long as you're still breathing.
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Oh my God, what you are saying? is it really so? How can anyone take 1400mg oxy and not only this but even have habit of meth. What is happening man? even  simple overdose of medicine causes so much health issue. I am afraid how she can manage.
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This is the same thing I wonder I mean I had a huge opiate habit but even at either 300-400mg opana a day or 400-600 oxy a day is no comparison to that and then like u said the meth on top I don't see how she has not has a heart attack or stroke cause the oxy is gonna being her down and them meth speed her up with is asking for problems it could be worse than a heart attack really cause u can kinda compare it to a speedball heroin and coke mixed one calms one hypes u up and that can cause the heart to just completely shut down on the spot because when the heroin or in this case oxy kicks in her respiratory system and heart slows down and then the meth kicks in and the heart goes in to over drive and its to much for it to handle. Only thing I can think is someone is watching over her and she has been VERY VERY LUCKY SO FAR. It seems like at ate end of the show she was clean but relapsed and was right back at it two or three months later
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