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A poem for my medhelp friends

For my medhelp friends

I searched frantically online for a cure to my ills.
A cure to my sickness from my absense of pills.

Sweaty and cold, going out of my mind.
Stumbling around t'was medhelp I did find.

One thing I noticed about all the folks there.
Was I didn't seem to be the only one pulling out my hair.

There were so many with stories just like me.
I had felt so alone, how could this be?

I needed help, I needed a hand.
The first to reach down was my now close friend Anne.

She sure came at the right time and place.
She walked me through my darkness and put a smile on my face.

There were others too that helped me when I was sick.
Like Kat and Brian and that Mary Poppins chick.

I kept coming back, to the comfort I had found.
This despite the fact, I kept hitting the ground.

I became a pro at withdrawal from my drug.
I thought I might help others too with the hole THEY had dug.

So during this time that I helped some folk.
I found a sister I never had, this is no joke.

I've met many more since, of whom I am all quite fond.
We share a purpose, we share a bond.

It's funny at first how we all think this is easy.
That it's over when we start to sleep and when our stomachs stop being queasy.

It's much harder than that as we find out for real.
That this journey we're on is quite an ordeal.

The only ones it seems that can do this for long.
Are those that seek help or NA to belong.

I tried to fight it as long as I could stand.
But alas I am human, I am only a man.

So I started to listen, I took the advice.
Got my a$$ to a meeting and stopped rolling the dice.

Yes I was scared I didn't want to go.
But MY way wasn't working, this I DID know.

I've found a new home and am starting to learn.
A different way to live without bridges to burn.

It's all quite fresh and I'm hardly there yet.
But I'm learning to let go, to do this without sweat.

I'm not leaving medhelp, I could never leave such a site.
Too many new faces need help, it wouldn't be right.

They come in waves and recede like the tide.
Back to their caves many go, to use and hide.

SOME make it though and for them I am quite proud.
Especially those that stay and make their voices heard loud.

If your face is fresh and your eyes do glisten.
Don't be afraid to sit back and listen.

Most of these people have been down your road.
Heed their advice and it will lighten your load.

I could keep writing and say lots more.
But my clean time is short, as I've said before.

I should thank a few more before it gets later.
Like Vickie, Laurel, Bonnie and Tramhater.

I can't forget Chris, Narla, Diana and Pete.
And Jenn from PA, who's now laid up on her feet.

I know there are many missing from my list.
Yes even her, the one that I kissed.

I can't get them all, on some I draw a blank.
Just know in your heart, you too I thank.

With love I sign off, though this IS not the end.
I am forever grateful to all my medhelp friends.

I AM clean today and I AM grateful. To several of you, I owe you my life.  I could not have done this without you and you will always hold a special place within my messed up, drug addled brain!!!

Your friend,


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Hey Co!!!!

I am honoured to get the first poem you ever wrote!!!!

Coming to Canada huh???  One thing, when you get to be my age, you're not allowed to call them chics anymore....and besides, I'm celibate remember??? ha ha

The only thing you owe me is your friendship.  All I did was believe in you, you did all the work.  Thank-you for writing from the heart, it was truly appreciated and warmed mine.

My door is never locked Co, I look forward to the visit.
Your friend always,

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Bob you know I think your an articulate man
But such a great friend and mentor, few of us can

I love you like family, or part of my crew
Had it not been for Bob I'd still be snortin tha Blue

This poem is short since it's not my forte
I just wanted to tell you meeting you made my life better each day

Just actin crazy making this short and sweet
I dream of the day that I can give you a hug when we finally meet

As far as the one you kissed, theres not much I can say
With your love and compassion the right one is coming your way !

I love you man for real, I never wrote a poem so just know that ones for you. Your my homie for life, I owe you my life, I thank God for you coming to me more than you know brother. I'm saving some money I want to come to canada and kick it with you man, we can find some chics or do whatever sober and love it !
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This poem is true to my core! I feel the same about the folks here that have helped me countless times. You, my friend are one of them. I am most grateful!

Thanks for sharing it!

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I neglected to mention that your poem is great and it tells a story that shbould inspire others.
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A big, "HURRAH,"  to those who gave you the incentive to beat it and a big," BRAVO ,"to you for your accomplishment. It is a wonderful thing when someone manages to beat the odds and it creates an incentive for others to follow suit.
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Thank-you Sarah and Laurel,

I learned from you both.  My eyes have been opened to so much since arriving here.  What a great caring place.  It wouldn't be the same without all of you in it.

No Sarah, thank-YOU from the bottom of mine.

You guys all rock!!!!!

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you are indeed a very special and gifted man, Bob.

i just love the way you write your posts full of caring for the person, i should thank you too for being here with a heart !
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Big brother,

I guess I did say the thing about the poem(s), but you know me, I type just as fast as I think, and well, I also write what's on my mind without thinking too!!!!  

Yes, YOU are the ONLY one who knows how hard this ride this was for me. But it was also your support that helped me through it. Never judging. Always there, as my brother and friend, you did nothing but advised.

I'm proud of you too, I know your ride as been equally as hard as mine. But all the advice I've given you, was the advice you've given me.

Luv ya big brother....
Your lil' sis,
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Thank You from the bottom of my heart~~~~~~~sara
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To my l'il Sis,

I've rooted for a lot of people here but none as hard as you.  You have no idea how proud I am of EVERYTHING you have been able to accomplish in such a short time.

Did you really just tell everyone I've written you a poem(s) before???  ha ha  I suppose it shows how much you mean to me too.

Keep keeping and stay safe,
Your big brother and friend,

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Thanks everybody for the kind words.  This site could never work without all of you.  You are the sole (and soul) reason that it does work.

I hope you all stick around, many more need you!!!!

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Wow what a poem totally cool. Proud of you for being so appreciative, way to give back
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Aaaawww.....I'm a sucker for a good poem. That came from the heart and for that I say thank you for sharing it with us.

Big Hugs my friend.....
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What a beautiful poem,congrats on your clean time and it's great you're going to stay and help others going through withdrawal and recovery.

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Truly inspirational! Thanks for wirting and Congrads on your clean time!!

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I wish I write such great poems as you. I still have the ones you wrote for me in the past. I cherish them, I look to them when I need someone, especially when I'm missing you, my big brother.

You are doing good today I see, I wish I could compare days with you. I haven't "posted" on Medhelp in FOREVER! I can say I'm approximately 5 months clean.....from percocets. Couldn't of made it without you.

I could go on and on about how much you mean to me, but that would be pointless. You already know. I find this no joke either, I met my big brother here, a friendship and bond I haven't had with ANYONE in my life....EVER!

Your lil' sis
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Just beautiful Bob!   We're all strong together...

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