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A tragedy

Ive been a lil quiet lately (for me anyhow) here and its not just because Ive been busy with holiday preparations. Ive been pretty bummed about a horrible accident that happen here locally Wed morning. 2 teens were walking to school around 7 a.m. (still dark out) and there is a busy RR Crossing students have to cross to get to school.  Well, an AMtrack came whizzing down the tracks and the 2 teens got hit by this train. It has been a horrible tragedy. One died instantly (a 15 yr old boy) and the 16 yr old girl has been in critical condition ever since with broken exposed hips/pelvis and now had her foot removed. She's undergone surgeries almost every day since the accident, sometimes several surgeries in same day.  The community is devastated by this and the families of the victims are beyond devastated. These were 2 good kids, best friends. They think it was the bitter cold weather that contributed to the accident- it was about 10 degrees, lower with windchill, and they think the kids saw the train coming and maybe thought it was a long freight train and didnt want to wait for it and freeze longer so they tried to beat it across, not realizing it was an AMtrack doing 70-80 mph. Its very hard to judge distance and how fast something is moving, especially in the dark. I know people who are friends of these two kids (the son of one of my friends went to school with them and knew them) and he took it pretty hard too.  Anyways, if you could keep these families in your prayers, that would be nice. I think about them everyday, and feel so bad for the families. And why do things like this always seem to happen around the holidays? =(
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I am so sorry, will keep the families in prayer..My son in law was hit by a train at 16, they had to amputate his left arm.
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How horrible....will keep the families in prayer....I had a childhood friend killed by a train many years ago in Jr High school...horrible

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they did hear it..they werent wearing Ipods or listening to music or anything. I think its just that it was so cold out, and they probably assumed it was another long freight train and didnt want to stand and wait so they tried to beat it =(
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As always..lifting everyone up in prayer. This is a very common occurance. Our local schools all around are by RR tracks and our schools have meetings and meetings all the time with the kids around here and it still happens. I find myself always thinking...how can they not hear it coming? Don't you? But, I guess they can't...so very very sad.
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So sorry to hear that, that is so sad. Will keep the families in my prayers ♥
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