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Addiction- A horrible ending to a sad story

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the sad story of Layne Staley, but with the release of the first Alice in Chains albumn in like 7 years since Laynes death, I figured I would show a little respect for Layne and share his story in hopes that it can help a few people.

For those of you who don’t know of Layne Staley or his story….he was lead singer of the rock band, Alice in Chains until 2002.  His story is a very sad one in that he battled a heroin addiction for most of his adult life.  His life eventually ended with a cocaine/heroin overdoese that some say was on purpose.

I grew up listening to bands like AIC (Alice in Chains), and thinking back, it was so sad to see this powerful singer in the prime of his life, slowly follow a road of abuse and self destruction that was caused by a heroin addiction.  Most of his songs, especially those towards the end of his life, we all about his addiction and the hold that it had on him.  What once started out as a recreational drug use, turned into his “medicine” just so he could live, and eventually killed him.  Laynes story follows the familiar abuse guidelines….  It started out as recreational use, and quickly grew into something that he could no longer control.  It eventually destroyed the relationships in his life, and effected the lives of everone around him.
AIC released a few popular albums, but because of Laynes drug abuse, and deteriating condition caused by his abuse, they didn’t tour much to support their albums.  Layne was in and out of rehab a few times, and had several brief moments of sobriety, but only to return to abusing.  A few years before his death, he stepped out of the spotlight and secluded himself to his apartment, cutting himself off from everyone.  By this time, his addiction had completley taken over his life.  He lost his girlfriend to a drug related illness caused by injecting, and this just sped up the downward spiral that he had begun years earlier.

Just a couple of months before his death Layne contacted journalist, Adriana Rubio to tell his story….almost as if he knew he was going to die from this addiction.  Some of the things that Layne said in this final interview are truly haunting.  He paints a very scary picture that so many addicts are all too familiar with. In this final interview Layne said, “This fuc*ing drug use is like the insulin a diabetic needs to survive," he said. "I'm not using drugs to get high like many people think.”  He was using the drugs just to survive.  He went on, “I know I made a big mistake when I started using this sh*t. It's a very difficult thing to explain. My liver is not functioning and I'm throwing up all the time and sh*tting my pants. The pain is more than I can handle. It's the worst pain in the world. Dope sick hurts the entire body.  I know I'm near death," he said. "I did crack and heroin for years. I never wanted to end my life this way. I know I have no chance. It's too late.”

Layne Stayley was found a couple months later, dead in his apartment from an apparent drug overdose.  His 6’, 1” frame was down to just over 80 lbs, most of his teeth missing, his gums were black, and he had sores all over his body.  He was found by police after a loved one called and said that they had not heard from Layne in a couple of weeks, and were asked to check his apartment to see if he was okay.  It was later said that Layne was dead for nearly 2 weeks in his apartment before being found by the police.  

Laynes story is a sad one indeed.  It is heartbreaking for me to think about how healthy he was in the beginning of his carreer….so full of life and happiness.  Following him thru the years was like watching a train wreck in slow-motion.  Things just kept getting worse and worse until the tragic end years later.  I just wanted to share a little bit about him, because I don’t think that many people know of his story.  Like I said, it’s a sad reminder of what the possible outcome of an addiction is, unless the addict gets help.  Addiction is a serious thing.  It rips families apart, it destroyes lives and relationships, and it kills people.  If you know of anyone who is an addcit, please do everthing in your power to help them.
Hope you guys found this interesting, and if it helps just one person, then it was worth typing it up for you guys.  Peace!

RIP Layne!  You are missed!
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I didn't know that wow that was very powerful to read and sure made me think. That is so sad that he had so much and end the end had lost everything not just what money buys but everything!!!!!
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R.I.P.Layne. I knew his story and grew up listening to Alice in Chains, pearl jam, etc. in the 90's. Thanks for posting this. He was a rare and true talent.
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still listen to jar of flies.....

one of the original pioneers of the seattle scene,(I refuse to label them) andrew wood bought it on heroin too. some of the remaining members of mother love bone, woods band went on to form a band called pearl jam

cobains suicide was really brought on by multiple addictions, plus heroin too.

and these  are just the famous people that we heard about back then.............
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...one of my favorite albums.  That and Tripod.  Well...okay, I love all of them!  The new stuff sounds pretty good too, but it just doesn't compare without Layne.
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I've spent the last few hours reading posts.  You people are way too interesting and inspiring.  This is an awesome site.  I'll keep reading ...sometimes, its better to put a sock in it and just listen (or see)  We learn a lot more that way.   I'm learning right now.  Thank you all  for all your posts.  You inspire me and give me courage.
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I think they said Demri Parrott died of cotton fever........She died on Oct.29, 1996.  Such a tragedy.......
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Now you have me wondering about Demri....  I read that it was an infection around her heart caused by shooting up.  Idk..  Sad either way
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that is so sad. wasnt he once on intervention? i love his music he was so talanted addiction is a nasty thing he will be missed
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I loved Layne Staley and Alice in Chains, I never knew the whole story. So so sad. Nutshell has always been one of my favorite favorite songs ever. Thanks for posting this!
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this says it all   "Forgot my women lost my friends things ive done and were ive been, sleep in sweat the mirrors cold feal my face is growing old , scared to death no reason why do whatever to get me by ,think about the things ive said see my face its cold and dead   take me home  ooo yeah take me home       u could feel his pain and addiction in everysong he sang
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Just an fyi.. Layne did not contact Adriana Rubio, she contacted him only once and he turned her down.. His sister was contacted by her and had answered a few questions and she got a bad feeling from it and called layne and he was furious... She stopped talking with Adriana and told her layne didnt want any part of it.. Look into it. That book is mostly exaggerated ******** and a lot of it is not true! Look into it.. Layne Staleys mother and sister dismiss Adriana and her book as untrue and not accurate. If you want to know who layne staley was.. Look into some Xana La Fuente blogs.. She is the only one to trust when it comes to grunge stories.. And she was around them all... Layne, Jerry, her fiance Andrew Wood, Demri Parrott.. Many more too.. She is a reliable source.. Not Adriana Rubio or her crap book!!
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Also... His manager contacted his family when no money was being spent from his accounts... His mom called police and went with them to check on layne and he was dead.
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