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Agnostic A.A. meetings

Hello All: today i attended my local A.A. closed discussion group.I normally have a healthy and sober experience.Today I can in contact(Unfortunately) with a Friend of Mr.Jesus,you know our heavenly master!!! NOT!!    I am not Inclined to consider addiction a Sin,I think of it as a Medical condition,and with appopriate treatment Excluding Spiritual/Religious can be resolved One day at a Time.Most people are not Fundamentalist,but there are many that are.Long story short,I checked the net,and found A.A. meetings for people interested in Sobriety,but not God. I will feel more inclined,as i will be with like minded people.What A relief.A world is Free thinkers. Please share your experiences with such. see ya John k.
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I don't know about this, John...we all have our personal thoughts. But, that's just what they are: Our THOUGHTS; sometimes they are better off not spoken, you know?

So,you want us to "share our experience with such"?  With AA, God, agnostics, or Free Thinkers?  I have some experience with each one. Also, being a spiritual individual and being a religious individual are mutually exclusive. In other words, you can be one but not necessarily the other.

As far as AA goes,or anything else for that matter, "take what you need and leave the rest".  Most of us try very hard to do that...
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this topic always comes up. everyone works their recovery which ever way fits their belief system or lack there of. the goal is sobriety and however it is achieved is what matters. to each his own.
and to that i say AMEN!!!!!!
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You have to distinguish God from Religion before you'll get the answer to this. AA and NA are spiritual, non-religious programs. If you find an AA or NA meeting without God then I'm afraid they're kidding themselves. You have to have a God of your understanding before the steps will work. God is the higher power of your choosing, but this point isn't negotiable. You can't surrender your addiction to something more powerful than yourself or your addiction until that thing is defined. Read the Chapter on agnostics in the Big Book. It basically tells you to "think again" if you're going to attempt this program without a higher power. Each person's God may be different, and they can choose to express them as they wish. A meeting that centers around delivering people to Christianity is no more an AA meeting than one where no God is mentioned. Bottom line, speaking of God is OK...centering the meetings on religion aren't. The real answer is to go to the meetings and take what you need and live the rest. Wanting someone to speak in the meetings just as I wish is the very thinking that made me an addict....self serving egotism.
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Look who's here!!

How have you been?
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My God !!! I was just looking at your home page and saw a post from 1 hour ago ! I almost feel on the floor !!!  What's up my friend !  Jimmy
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Holy Hannah look who is here!!!  Nice to see you and a dam good post my friend!!!

I will ask the same thing vicki and jimmy did, How are you?
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Hey everyone,
Believe it or not, I still check in frequently and check on you guys. Things are really going great. I'm coming up on two and a half years at the end of October, have a great job, and am in Graduate school. Between meetings, school, work, and family, I barely have time left to breathe. Sarah, I messaged you a while back on your birthday....guess it got lost "in the mail". Jimmy, it's great to see you here and contributing. It's been a long road for us both, but it's nice to be where we are, huh? And Vicki, I've been watching you grow as well...you sound happy..and, that's what it's all about. I didn't mean to hijack this thread...I just get so angry when people don't go to meetings because of the "God" thing. God is the most important aspect of AA and NA...and, religion is the least important. Too many people are brought into the rooms and lost because they were never explained what having a higher power or God means. It's just sad to me. Anyway, hello everyone...I'll drop in again soon...
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I am in heaven right now as i have my grandson with me!  Now that he is older he seems to be too busy on weekends with football and friends!  I knew this day was coming *sniff* *sniff*.

You explained the "God" thing so well.  I have seen so many come thru and sit thru 1 meeting and dont come back due to the "religion" aspect.  It has nothing to do with that at all.  I feel bad for those who only see it as that.  

What are you pursuing in Graduate School?  I am so glad to hear you are doing well and taking care of you!  It works if you work it huh!!  lol

Dont be a stranger!!       sara
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