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Amazing ! Just Amazing!

Watch this elephant paint a self portrait.  It's incredible.
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I think we really know so little about what some animals are capable of thinking and doing.
Glad you all enjoyed it.
And Mary, no, you can't have an elephant. Your little tiny dogs are spoiled and vicious. I hate to picture an elephant acting like your dogs.
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I love this.  Thanks for sharing.
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I want a pet elephant !  Please, please,  I'll take care of it . I promise.
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Magi.......Holy Ba-jeezes.......I  was watching and skeptical at first--thinkig they were moving the trunk by hand till the camera kept panning down.  I was AMAZED !!!  I got chills and tears watching it and found myself clapping and yelling when the flower part came in.......I am freaked out by that one for sure.....wow.!!  Thanks.

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omg...how awesome is that????????????????????
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