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Anyone need some comic relief?

Here is my adventure this morning.....

SO this morning I decide to try to get motivated and move. It's still not so hot, and the front of my house needs to be weeded something fierce. So off I go and I do well, up until I start to hear this "buuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzz" and it gets louder as I start to get close to one of the landscaping lights down in the mulch. I notice one or 2 wasps flying around and figure..OK..I'll spray the bushes so they'll go away. So I start spraying and they start flying out of the landscaping light like kamakazi's after me. I take flight into the house, now mad and ready to get even. I grab this huge can of wasp spray and shield myself with the top of one of those big rubbermaid containers (yeah..like that would really help..but OK..it sounded good). And I spray the hell out of the light. I swear 1000 wasps must have come out of that thing. After about 5 minutes I think there can't be anymore and with a gloved hand, reach down into the light and pull up the big bulb. THe entire underside of the bulb is one HUGE wasps nest with wasps still in it. By now, my courage is gone, I drop the bulb and run into the house with my 3 doggies....the rest of the weeding will wait until tomorrow...

Bleeeecccchhhhhhhh I still have goosebumps....and I don't think it's withdrawls this time!!
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OMG....I would have FREAKED OUT!!! But yes...I would have done the same thing with the spray and the shield....lol... when I spray I spray like the entire can too! I don't mess around...
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thanks!  I forgot about this forum when I posted this on the other one.  Sorry about that...will remember now!
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OK, I need a good laugh...sorry that is way to funny just glad you didn't get stung. I would have ran, but have seen my son and husband take a vacuum cleaner to a wasp nest, I have pictures...never laugh so hard in my life..we did have to buy a new vacuum but it sure was fun to watch...
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Oh my I bet your heart was thumping.. A long time ago we lived on a farm I my bro and sis were down in the field messing around we disturbed a Hornets nest My sister was in the lead running waving her arms my brother behind her doing the same and me coming up the rear a comical site for sure but poor sis got stung 17 times in the head Bro and I only a few Payed to be shorter then I guess..
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