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Category 5 Cyclone

Cyclone Yasi is due to hit the Queensland coast in 16 to 20 hours,it has been upgraded to a category 5 with wind speeds of 295 kph,
30,000 people have been ordered to evacuate,all hospitals and nursing homes in the area have already been evacuated,
It has a 70 km eye,and is expected to cause more damage than any other natural disaster that has hit Australia in the past.
We are still reeling and cleaning up from the floods,now this,our rivers and dams are already full to capacity,We should be ok where we are.but we will get some high winds and maybe some flooding from the tail end of the cyclone.
Please pray for Queensland !!!
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I am praying for all of you... Mother Nature is really active everywhere on Earth this yr.... Be safe....
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you are in my thoughts.  mother nature is playing some terrible games this year.  good luck and stay safe.
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Thoughts and prayers are with you.  God bless!!
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Denise--What a nightmare!!   I'm lighting a candle...Post updates.  xo
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It's the worst cyclone to hit Australia since 1819,It's still a category 5 and is due to hit at 10 pm tonight,that's 9 hours from now
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Keep us up to date...ur n my thoughts and prayers....Angie.
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Oh my....My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Queensland
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Be Safe narla........Please keep us posted when you can.   sara
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The winds are starting to increase now,it has the same windspeeds as Katrina had,it is supposed to cross the coast in 3 to 4 hours,Destructive winds will last for about 15 hours.
The tidal storm surge is expected to reach 7 metres in some areas,that's about 21 feet,
Up to 700 mm of rain is expected to fall throughout the course of the storm.I think that's about 30 inches but I might have that wrong,not sure.
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Stay safe. Let us know how you are!
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I am safe,it is further north from us,
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I am glad to hear you are safe.
I will say a prayer for those who will be in its path.
Has the flooding subsided?
Please keep us informed.
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Sending prayers Narla for everyone in its path and glad to read you are further away from it. Is Steve Erwins zoo in its path ? lesa
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Steve Irwins zoo is safe,it is only a 1 hour drive from where we are,areas hit the worst are Townsville to Cairns and all areas in between,it is now heading inland as a category 3,and is expected to reach the Northern Territory state border as a category 1,We are still waiting for emergency crews to get into the area that has already been hit and report on the damage.
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Hope the casualties were very low.. and Thank you for the update on the zoo, I was devastated when Steve died I really was he captured something in me. Someday I will go to his zoo and pay my respects. You guys have really been taking a beating but you Aussies are tough and will rise above :)
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There are no casualties due to the fact we were prepared and many thousands were evacuated before it hit.All the damage was to property,and farming,it has dessimated our sugar cane crops and banana plantations.
I also loved Steve Irwin,I have been to Austraia Zoo,it is a great day out,and very informative,It is a research facility and hospital as well as an education centre,it is getting bigger all the time.

And yes we Aussies are tough and we'll get through this as well,we are already recovering from the floods of 4 weeks ago.
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good to know the casualties were none so far...i haven't been keeping up with this over the past few hours but the way they talked about this thing, it sounded like like it would be a miracle if everyone came out ok.
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Yes,It is definitely a miracle,3 babies were also born during the cyclone at evacuation centres,all are safe.
As I said before this cyclone was as big as Katrina and lasted for 15 hours as it had a 70km eye.it was huge,but we were well prepared.
I think a lot was learnt around the world after Katrina,it is often the tidal surges on top of everything else that does the damage to life.
I am so proud of the people that live in the areas that were hit,they listened to the warnings and got out of harms way.Their houses and property might be gone but they are alive,that's all that matters.
Our state and federal governments have already started the rebuild.
Millions of dollars has already been raised by the Aussie people to help those affected.
We are staying strong and pulling together,
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I'm moving to Australia...

Denise--Very good news!  Let's hope it stays quiet now!
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Denise---I am so glad to hear that what could have been catastrophic was averted by people understanding the gravity of such as storm and heeded warnings. You are right much was learned after Katrina and the Aussie government did it right as building and possessions can be replaced but lives cannot. God Bless all.---Rick
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thats very good. it does remind me a lot of katrina and things that were just flat out done wrong. its fortunate that the rest of the world might have learned something from that disaster...but its very unfortunate that it ever had to happen to begin with. i think katrina was mismanaged from every level. then again, they'd been talking about a storm like that hitting new orleans forever...discovery did documentaries about what would happen if a storm like katrina DID hit.....it was all something that was believed to be an event that could happen in the future, but no one ever really expected it to happen.

well anyway, thats long in the past. you know, it does seem like these days there are far too many natural disasters occuring around us. like the earth is trying to shake us off just as a dog would fleas. or perhaps its because the media has made these events so close to home. it wasn't so long ago that news of a hurricane on the other side of the world would have never reached here...maybe its just a product of the modern age to feel as though the earth is turning on us. i don't know, but it IS good that in this instance, everyone was ok. unfortunately it just seems as though they'll be some other event tomorrow where people won't be so lucky. i guess we should just all count our blessings while we have them and not worry about whats to come, maybe.
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The world is getting smaller,it has become a global village.
Thanks to satellites and the internet we are now well informed about what is happening around the rest of the world.
I think it's a great thing that people can now communicate,within seconds you can be chatting with someone on the othe side of the world.
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