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What does everyone collect? I collect Elephants. I respect their family structure strength and gentleness their willingness to defend and help each other.. 6 yrs or so ago the count was over 350 Don't know now :) lesa
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im the biggest pack rat in th world I think...i collect everything. Primarily books. More books than I could ever read in my entire life, even if i read 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but that doesnt stop me from buying more. I also collect Scooby Doo things, windchimes, animal and nature nick knacks/ceramics,  candles,... and fridge magnets  
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Lost...I think that is sweet!!!

Ok if I had the space I would collect Snowmen and Santas...

But I currently have Longaberger Baskets... but due to costs and seeing as how I should feed my kid...I don't purchase them anymore! But I have enough to get by for now! :)

I love elephants...but again the space....

Vic..you & my husband too...he takes up more space than me w/his hunting & fishing stuff... I will lay claim to some of the camping stuff since I camp too... but we need a whole well...like he wants Hunting Cabin for that stuff!!! LOL

I would then decorate that cabin in cool hunting, fishing, camping bear themed stuff! But in a nice manly way!
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Jacqui: LMFAO......I suppose all that stuff does count as collectables. LOL.
And ok....i promise not to tell anyone about the stuffed black dog!!!  *sssshhhhhhh*
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okay lostdreams....don't tell anybody this, shhhhhh.....but I have a stuffed black dog that I lay with...I saw it at Toys R Us when my kids were younger, and I wanted it so badly...my husband bought it for me...it fits perfectly for laying with as comfort, and a pillow, and a cushion for my boo-boo ribs...

Hey, I thought of something here....do unintentional collections count?  If so, I have a "collection" of magazines, material and yarn, art supplies, jewelry-making supplies, clothes that are too small, movies, CDs, and just tons and tons of books......
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I collect turtles.

For me, turtles signify wisdom, peace, beauty, tranquility. I <3 turtles.

Not sure how many I have, but I have turtle candles, turtle clothing, turtle earrings, turtle stickers, turtle statues, turtle wall decor, turtle knick knacks.
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10356:  OMG...thats me all over!!!! I even have a certain pillow that i cuddle with one bear and my thumb......life couldnt get any better! LOL

Shhhhh dont tell anyone though.....our little secret! LMFAO
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