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What does everyone collect? I collect Elephants. I respect their family structure strength and gentleness their willingness to defend and help each other.. 6 yrs or so ago the count was over 350 Don't know now :) lesa
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Jacqui you crack me up eggants :)))  I have seen that Handsome Gorilla you picked up..
My sis also collect Santas :) And I too have a lot of books but only 4 Cook books I live in Fantasy Land :))))

Lost I can see you cuddled up with your bear, bankie and thumb while your Angles watch out after you, but we won't tell :)))) JK I have 5 bears my Son's and Hubby have given me they are precious..

Sad I too have a sm. collection of Indian stuff I have a fascination with the culture and the spiritual beliefs..

Vicuser You sound just like my Hubby but I must admit if I need something fixed He can usually whip it out with the correct part :))))

Scaredmom Nascar Rules Hubby also collect Dales GO 88......
                                           You guy's are GREAT.. lesa

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I refer to elephants as "eggants" btw.....that's what I called them as a kid apparently...and rhinoceroses (sp, lol) were frynosters...I have no idea why I shared that here, but it is Friday, so can that be my excuse?
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my aunt collected elephants. She had some really nice ones. There is a picture of an elephant and a little girl sitting down together with their backs to the camera. Its really cool.
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I collect all things indian..peacepipes,pottery,drumbs etc..i have the coolest picture hanging in my living room of sitting bull..LOVE it!!
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You're cool kiddo, don't sweat your teddy bears!  My mother-in-law collects angels too...she has a lot of nice ones too..
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I collect

Me-to-You teddy bears.....ok i think everyone is getting to see i am a big baby! Admitted i suck my thumb in another post and now admitted i collect teddy bears (only the Me-To-You ones though). LOL

Oh and anything about Angels...i have loads of stuff about Angels. Magazine articles, books, pictures....that kinda stuff.
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