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What does everyone collect? I collect Elephants. I respect their family structure strength and gentleness their willingness to defend and help each other.. 6 yrs or so ago the count was over 350 Don't know now :) lesa
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I collect Santas....I respect his gift giving nature, lol....na, I just like him...he's da man...sorry JoAnn, you're da man too and all, but he's first....

I also collect plates..and my husband and my father-in-law made me a nice plate rack..I need them to make a couple more because I have alot of them (plates).

I also, btw, dig elephants for the same reason you do....and I love all animals..gorillas are a personal favorite of mine....I also collect books and jewelry...well, he!!, come to think of it, cooking stuff too, books, tools, all that stuff...but the only thing I collect for display are Santas, and plates.
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