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Fall in New England

Well, our 2 week long summer is over and it's fall once again..about the only time I like living in New England...Trees are starting to turn, getting some warm days (unfortunately not warm enough for shorts...they've been put away) and cool crisp nights.  I look out our garage back door and over to our left is a large maple tree that is just starting to turn...Beautiful orange colors mixed with the greens that haven't changed yet..against a gray sky (today)...what a beautiful sight..yesterday morning it had rain and just cleared up as I looked outside and it was just as beautiful...we have a couple of "fire bushes" that right now look exacty like bushes on fire...

Unfortunately it will all be over in a few weeks and then we'll have to live with bare trees, cold and then the damed snow and if my snowthrower gives me any trouble this year I'm leaving it out in the street and letting a town snowplow
plow it down the street into a million little pieces.

But for now, I'll enjoy the beautiful fall.

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I have no idea what I'm doing in Florida. I would so love to live in New England. I even love the snow (although I've never had to drive in it).  I always tell everyone, I'm going to do a reverse retirement.  Everyone comes to Fl, and I'm headed north.  Want to trade places ?
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Start packing allaboutMary..I'll start packing and we'll trade homes...I'll meet you in Charlotte at a Wafflehouse for coffee and the best breakfast in the universe.

Jim...STILL wondering why I ever left Arizona
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I have a former (out of town) coworker whom I've never met and we have a plan to meet on our 62 birthdays (we share the same birthday) at a watering hole in Charlotte (little over 2 years from now...he has it on his calendar...I have it on mine...been there for about 3 years.  I'll have a diet coke...and we'll swap music stories and work war stories and both hope we'll be retired by then.

But he also owes me a breakfast at Wafflehouse because the last time I drove through Charlotte we were supposed to meet...I called him about an hour away and he'd just started a new job, darn it.

ramblin' Jim
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