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False positive drug test

I'm trying to find out if anyone knows anything that could cause a false positive TCA?
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was this a urinalysis?  it happened to me 2 times in the same week at 2 different hospitals, both with completely different results...it DOES happen...
demand a retest or better yet demand a blood test to prove them wrong...
my 3rd test i had that very same week, given to me by suboxone doctor was fine, i passed with flying colors..
hospitals DO screw up...FACT!
I also have tested positive for TCA but yet have not taken anything.  I had 3 different drug test this week and all were negative including a hair follicle test.  But when I go to my suboxone Dr I seem to test for TCA the past 2 times Ive been there but when it's  sent to the lab it comes back negative and the only thing in my system is suboxone.  Idk if this helps anyone but for some reason i think the tests may have a defect.  If it does it again my next office visit I will be questioning them about their tests.  
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it's ok ,,15y.ago i had cancer and had a hysterectomy,,,i had to go to the hospital recently for a kidney stone and they took a pregnacy test,,,it came back positive,,,i have nothing left to get pregnant...lol...go figure
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