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Favorite Authors and books?

well since we've already listed some of our old favorite movies, memories, etc, now I want to know who is your favorite author, or favorite books to read?

my favorite writers are

Dean Koontz
Stephen King
Robert McCammon
John Saul
Ray Bradbury
Richard Laymon  
Bentley LIttle
F. Paul Wilson

i used to read all the VC andrews books too but cant handle any more lol

I also like to read books about the paranormal, ghosts, psychic powers, odd phenonmenon, unsolved mysteries and the like. I like sciene, nature, wildlife books for reference....gardening and cookbooks

i cant finish my list now, the kids are both up , gotta go make breakfast
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I don't really have a favorite author but I am an avid reader. (don't watch t.v) I do like John Grisham
The painted House
The Devil in the White city..excellent
Secret Garden
Clan of the Cavebears and the rest of the series
hmmm so far thats all my brain can handle till i get some sleep..lol
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R.A. Salvatore  (The Dark elf my Favorite)
JRR Tolkien
Tad Williams
Sara Douglass
Jean Auel
Terry Goodkind
Laura Resnick
Stephen King
The first book I ever read was Pappion The movie was as good as the book..lesa
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Anything written by Iris Johansen.  She has a series about a forensic sculptor, Eve Duncan and her search for the remains of her daughter who was murdered.  They are edge of your seat suspense.

Being an english lit teacher, I love all the old favs, The Crucible, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, etc.
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I love to read:

Stephen King
Dean Koon
Iris Johansen
James Patterson
john Saul
Nicholas Patterson
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Im a Danielle Steele fan.
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The Gadfly by Voynich
Looking backward by Edward Bellamy
Jules Verne
Pearl S. Buck
The Wisdom of India and China -Lin Yutang
John Steinbeck.
F.Scott Fitzgerald
Charles Dickens

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Ayn Rand:    The Fountainhead    &    Atlas Shrugged    
Kahil Gilbran:     The Prophet
Abraham Lincoln:  Great Speeches     &  Great Speeches and Writings Vol ll
Homer,  Hesiod, Keats, Shakespear (Much Ado About Nothing & Taming of the Swrew- my 2 favorites
F. Scott Fitgerald,   Chas. Dickens, Wildes,Virginia Woolfe, C S Lewis
Ann Rule   all books
Philip Margolin  all books
Mario Puzo  The Godfather
Taylor Caldwell    

I'll keep this breif before I get kicked out of the book club!!   If anyone is interested in book swapping    please let me know,  I am an avid and dirverse reader,  or perhaps a book club here (yes  I can hear all the heads hitting their computers now!  :)   I do have a lot of books  if anyone has any interest pls let me know   I would be happy to mail the softbacks to you.
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