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Gamer's thread!!

All right, I'm sure some of you out there have XBox's and Playstaions.

So, I'm playing Fable II, and I have to say I am NOT happy that every time i go to have sex with my game wife, half the town piles into the bedroom to watch!!!

Didn't the makers of the game think to program a way to close the bloody front door to your house for these moments?!?!

Or are they just a little more open about this sort of thing where they come from so they didn' think about it! I mean, come on!!!

I'm trying to make a kid with the woman, not put on a show for the whole bloody town!!!
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Sounds like your playing with the wrong box.......sounds like your making a fable-mistake.......

The joystick is not suppose to be in your hand if you want to make bacon & babies....lmao!

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hope there were no tanukis in the parade!
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Heh heh... I'm surprised no one else on here has favorite games. You're making me feel like an absolute slacker. Am I the only one dedicated to being an unproductive member of society here?!
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I still gotta get a PS3,

the ps2 is getting too old.

your not alone...

resident evil,call of duty, european assault, area51, need for speed, destroy all humans,war of the monsters.......ofcourse, just to keep me and the kids happy !!
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Fallout 3, especially Point Lookout!
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I have to try fallout 3. I still have my PS2, and Res evil is still the best game around. I have finished it more times than I can count.

I got my xbox360 on line for about $200. I went with the place that offered a three month warranty.

Which was neccessary, as we had to switch it out twice!!!
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Okay, I have a Xbox and Playstation2...and I have NEVER touched either one..LOL..but I do know that we have resident evil....and I know I have spent a small fortune at the game store...LOL  Am I missing something?  Not even sure how to turn them on...LOL They are for the grands...
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I gave up video games a long time ago...used to play with my sons but the controllers started getting too complicated and I couldn't keep up...that's what happens when you get old, folks.

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