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Way to go avisg! A hearty congratulations on this day. Now go out and celebrate!
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Congratulations Avis.  I think you deserve a whole bunch of diamonds!!!!  Enjoy.  sara
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LMAO Thank you Thank you nooooo diamonds and thats OK. I have never worn much jewelry .he gave me a diamond necklace for Christmas I never take it off .Besides tat and my ring I don't wear any .I like clothes LOL so he gave me a visa gift card.We were going to go to dinner ,but we ended up taking our puppy to walk the trails at the park .We are going to go out tommrow .We are such dorks......
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LOL...I hate jewelery...how BORING and plain am I?? LOL

Glad you spent time together!!
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You aren't dorks.... you are happy... I am not too big on jewelry except my wedding band and my "father's day" sapphire ring I got last year...that's all I need!

congrats on your 12 years that is awesome!
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I hate jewelry too.......well, the old antique jewelry i do like......1930;s 1940 style.......
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H A P P Y      A N N I V E R S A R Y  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy Anniversary Avisg!!! I like jewelry I just don't really wear it. I'd rather have a trip or a new Coach purse. LOL
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I don't even have a wedding ring!! LMAO.....Pretty sad, huh!
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ohhhhh I love purses I like D&B
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I like not having a wedding band!!!!!!  Not a jewelry type person here either but bring on the purses!!!!!!
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LMAO....you like not having a wedding ring Sara...dang...we ARE alike!! LMAO
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I  was so wraped up making sure i had enough "ill's" that i forgot my A N N I V E R S A R Y. I came home and my wonderful wife (high school sweet heart) had gotten my nick name tattoed on her ring finger. I never even hugged or kissed or said anything.

It is so messed up what these things do to you.
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Ah...have you learned the secret to a happy marriage yet? :) I'll give you one hint;

1: When you want your spouse to do something you don't care too, always act incompetent. Then wait for those magic words;

"Oh, never mind! I'll do it! how can anyone make such a mess of setting up the morning coffee?!?!"
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Very good very good....CAN...YOU....TEACH....ME....MORE.....BEN... PLEASE..PLEASE.......I've got nuthing else.....I've got know where to go.....ooooo......BOBOBOBNO>>>>

Youre da man!!!!
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