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Long time no chat on here for me.  I hope all my friends that got sober when I did are still going strong! I know some of you are that I have talked to.  Anyways, Heath’s autopsy report finally came back and the fact that it was an accidental overdose of pain killers, benzo’s, and sleeping  meds is pretty freaky considering I used to mix all that stuff, all the time, and a TON of it (Probably A LOT more than he took too, ugh). Anyways, I just feel extra happy and relieved to still be sober, talk about “phew”.  Anyways, hopefully his story will push some of you trying to get clean forward.  What a loss and it could happen to anyone, anytime, taking that **** like that.

Take care everyone and good luck everyone  : )
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GIRL. How are you? I  miss you so much. I hope you are well.

xoxo, Lisa
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Hey Lisa!!

I'm doing great, moving right along, I don't even know how long I have been sober, I lost track living life again.  How have you been?  I check up on her about once a month or so and always see that you’re around and seem to being doing well.  Keep in touch, e-mail me on here anytime you want. I will try and stay in touch more often.  

: )
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