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Hold Me Jesus

Hold me, Jesus when I'm sad and lost
And things are, oh, so wrong
Help me see beyond my addiction and hurt
Place in my Heart a song of Hope

Hold me, Jesus, when I cry and I see no hope
And see the word through tears
Comfort me with whispered words
That drive away my fears

Hold me, Jusus, let me feel
The wonder of Thy LOVE
As I lift my eyes to Thee
Send peace from up above

And when at last my Heart is still
Your loving Arms around me
Let me look upon Thy Face
And see Thy wondrous glory!

Praise the Name of Jesus!
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i have been on this forum for about 6 weeks. my husband was on meth for 14 years and  also xanax for the last 3. he just went to detox on feb.26th and is now in a christian rehab.he is now feeling must better by GOD'S  MERCY AND GRACE he has turned a corner in his recovery. still only sleeps 2 or 3 hours a night but physically ,mentally and spiritually much better, mind just had to catch up to the body. GOD is good. i printed for him your "never will i" to read. i have been telling him about this forum. when he gets back he will be on.keep looking up for that's  where our help comes from. thanks for your encouraging words. HE deserves all the glory.
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Praise God for your recovery! Also for the wife that sticks by him, with  Love and Support! Like I said to someone earlier ALL things are possible with Christ. The sleep with come sooner or later. I still deal with the not sleeping thing. But it will come. Just to know that our lives are not be control or consume by a pils or methl, OH, we have some much to rejoice to God for all his Love, Help and Forgiveness. God, is good all the time. Thanks for writting and I will keep you and your husband in prayers.

All the Glory to God!!!
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Where did this verse come from, did you write that?
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Wow girlie that is awesome!!

I can tell by knowing you that these are your own words that you offer to our Lamb, our Deliverer, our Lord, our King of Kings our Redeemer and Lover of our souls!!!!! Your love and witness to Him and for Him will bring you great things thru His favor and deliverance.
I am so proud to know you and have you as my friend!

Please keep on posting these wonderful inspiring posts!!

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That is a lovely verse it will keep you going in the right direction. Your freedom and a great life you so desserve. sleep will come very soon , and when it does it feels like you are in heaven. may god bless you with all the joys of life.....James
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That sounds like a song to me.  You should write the chorus for it.    
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