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How do you do it?

I'm not a true addict, not to any physical substance, anyway. No, I'm addicted to reading, or more specifically, fanfiction. They are similar symptoms, but not as severe as substance abuse. I think about it all the time, neglect my studies for it, and isolate myself to be on my computer to read. I'm going to try to quit it.
But how?
How do others find the resolve to quit anything that brings them pleasure? I know that neglecting everything for this is a mistake, but I can't help myself. How do you do it?
Where do you find the courage? I wan't to be like those who try. I don't want to ruin my first year of university, setting myself up for failure next year, by wasting my time and not studying.
I just... I want to know if others felt like this before. And what they did to remind themselves not to do it.
What they did to start making themselves strong.
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Sometimes just knowing you aren't alone in the world can be a huge burden lifted.  Keep posting and you will find support!  Sending you big warms hugs!
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Thank you so much for your story. It has really given me faith that this is possible. I wish you the best for yourself, and thank you for the suggestions and the support. There are few words that have meant so much on a personal level to me.
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Thank you so much for the link and kind words. :)
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Sophia: I have a physical dependence on pain pills.  Have had chronic long term pain, several surgies and fast forward years of opiate use - my body is physically addicted.  I've had this tiny voice inside my head for a while now saying "girl, you know this is an issue now, right?" but since taking these pills didn't really affect my ADL I just put it on the back burner.  A year ago I found Kundalini Yoga and I will tell you this is one of a couple things/events that brought me round to taking action.  YOU have just taken the first step by reaching out.  Yoga has given me strength mentally to tackle this issue in my life, breathing helped get me through the worst of my withdrawals.  Maybe try finding one other activity you can be passionate about and MAKE yourself stick with it to start your journey, please come over to the other link bmb gave you and get some support. You will a lot of people with some great advice and just support to be honest and unburden yourself.  Hoping you find your path, you are so young.  BE STRONG.
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Hey Sophia.....you found a wonderful place to get support and advice. It doesn't matter what we are addicted to we all share the same mental aspect. Not as many people post on the social forum so posts tend to get overlooked. You should copy and paste your post here...


You will get more replies doing so.

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