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Internet Addiction

I am 28 year old researcher. Man. I am an OCD with Bipolar disorder patient. I am taking medications for the past 10 years. For the past 3 years I am addicted to internet. whenever i touch the computer, i simply surf and check the mails and chat with some one. Everyday i spend minimum 5-6 hours unneccesarily in Net. I simply skip all the important works and enjoy while using internet. While going to home from office, i get frustration and feel helpless. I am trying a lot to give up this habit but still i couldnt. can any one help me to stop this habit?
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Have you seen a counselor? Addictive behavior is for a reason.
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Going brings up a good point what you  are addicted too is just a symptom of addiction in general ,whether it be drugs,food, gambling ect ect ect
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Someone on here summoned me to post on this one, lol.

Addiction is addiction, just like the previous posters mentioned. For some reason I find it a bit humorous and ironic that this message is posted on a web forum, which means you have to be online to check your replies and further feeding your internet addiction to be able to get help on this topic....

One thing that I did to break myself from a gaming addiction was to move to a different house (live with my grandma) and have no internet except for dial-up which I was taking from my parents, but could only use a limited hours per night.  I soon found my online games loaded way too slow and weren't worth the time spent...  I did move on into other games, but eventually found something else to do after growing bored of them.  I started writing and drawing.  Eventually we did get DSL after the company got smart to what I was doing... but I have decided not to return to the games I used to participate in...

As far as the internet goes I think quite a few of us on here are addicted to it, otherwise we wouldn't be logged in. ;)  If you want to get off the net completely, try canceling your internet service or something... take a vacation or get involve din activities that don't involve computers.

This will mean you'll lose access to this forum and won't be able to check your replies here... quite a bummer isn't it?  But at least then you'll be on your way. ;)
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Another idea is if it is certain websites you have issues with addiction, create a password you know you'll never remember.  That way if you want to get back, you have to request the password...  The added step makes it inconvenient. Keep changing that password, and then make the password to the email something you won't remember either. Make sure not to keep any back-up of the password.

That should lock you out of the account.  It's a bit rough, but desperate calls call for drastic action.

I did something like that to help get myself logged out of neopets... I changed the password often and eventually gave up requesting it.
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MJ,   good suggestions!
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Thanks for your valuable suggestions. I do my level best. Browsing this kind of sites are very useful for our life.There are other sites, simply chat and entertain. Password protection is a good idea. I check gmail 25 times per day. every mail, i catch like a chicken laying egg. Thanks a lot.
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