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Just my opinion.

I have been adding jokes etc to this forum in order to try and raise spirits as the people here battle their demons. Ususlly I would try to add words of encouragement in my posts in the hope that it would help others to move on in their attempts at withdrawal. I hope that in that vein I have succeeded in doing so for some here. In one of my posts in the past I was more or less humphed at for my opinion. Rather than upset anyone who is fighting their way through the pitfalls and obstacles that come with withdrawal I relegated my posts to humor. I believe that a wrong word or a statement that upsets anyone is detrimental to their well being. There was a time when I believed that anyone is entitled to their opinion or the opinion of others by quoting them. I believe that my opinions or the opinions of others can be either accepted or rejected and should be done so without malice. We interject our opinions in the hopes that it may sway at least one person to beat the addiction and for anyone to attack that in any way, big or small, is totally wrong. Debate is one thing and a good thing but a slight as to what anyone is saying can upset and change the course of a person who is trying to help or is fighting their way through the hell of withdrawal. As I said before I will not deleiberately try to put up a wall in the way of anyone. If you don't like what someone is saying and you are not involved in a give and take debate with that person or persons in a friendly way, it is my suggestion that you refrain from commenting and allow them to learn from each other. This by the way is just my opinion. You can either accept it or reject it but remember it is only an opinion.         mangee
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Hey Mangee,

Amen.....I accept it, ALL of it.

I saw some words in this forum yesterday that were meant to hurt and it really bothered me that someone would take the time to be so unkind.

I've always enjoyed your posts.  If you have good advice to give, I would hope that you wouldn't hold it back based on some comments from a disrespectful few.

You ARE entitiled to your opinion, don't ever forget it.

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I check here every day just to see what clever jokes or stories you have posted.  You're a funny guy.  Everyone here can use a smile once in a while.  thanks....Deb
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Even though I had only been on Oxycontin for only a month I was addicted as deeply as others who were on it longer. It was throught he efforts of others here as well as my own efforts that got me through withdrawal. I did not just wave a magic wand and make it go away. I spent a couple of horrid weeks getting to the point where it began to ease off . In all, it took me about two months before I could say my withdrawal was complete.  My withdrawal may have appeared to be easier due to the length of time I was on oxy but believe me that was not the case. I had enough of the experience to be able to make certain statements attesting to withdrawal it's intricacies and factors related. My decision was cold turkey and it worked. It may not be the same for all others but what helped me through it was my own efforts and the concern of others here. I can't say," Be patient and it will all work out," because that is not true. Impatience and self accusations when you slip rule the day. The real indication as to how badly you want it is whether or not you get up off of the floor and once up what you do next. You can sit and feel sorry for yoursel for you can continue on from there knowing that it could happen again and that you will have to get up, sometimes again and again. No one will say it is easy because it isn't. You just have to persevere no matter how long it takes. This is for you and you must be the final answer on whether or not you succeed. All the advice in the world is of no consquence if your heart and soul are not in it. You and you alone must make the journey and mostly alone with a stop here and there for some uplifting words by others. If you want it bad enough it is yours. Well???
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I love ya mangee don't change a thing
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This place wouldn't be the same without you Mangee...I may not comment on all of them but I love your stories and jokes and the support you bring us..

May God Bless you.

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It just wouldnt be the same without you so keep giving your "opinions" as i always get something out of it.             sara
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You are a wonderful, witty asset to the fourm!
We love your jokes and your "opinions" as well. Keep them coming!!

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Your wisdom and humor are always wanted and needed on this forum.  We're very lucky to have you here.
And your wife's a lucky lady too!
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Well stated, and I am a fan of the Mangee jokes, so keep doing what you do.
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i enjoy your wisdom, humor and words of encouragement and yes your opinions also.. thank you for sharing all of them.. :)
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