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Can you recall or pin point a specific event in your life that changed you completely?? For better or worse? I am thinking of the phrase "WHAT DOESN'T KILL US, MAKES US STRONGER." Is this true?? IF you could go back and change it, would you?
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This is so hard.  It seems for every bad event in my life there was a positive thing that otherwise wouldn't have occurred.  In 98 I entered into a 13 year marriage that I look back on now as a complete waste of my 20's but on the other hand had I not gone through that I wouldn't have my daughter.  So I'd endure that hell again and again, on a loop, forever, to have her. Mi believe everything we endure makes us stronger.  Maybe I'd change picking up the pills the first time.  Then again maybe that action led me to you guys here or even to help save someone else's life by encouraging them to become sober.  So I'm messing up the thread lol sorry
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Not messing it up at all!! I love what you said and its true... Without the storms we could never appreciate the rainbows. We are all here for a reason and its our God given duty to pay it forward!
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My birth mother dumped my sister and I out of her car when I was 2 yrs old and my sister was 1. She left us on the street and drove off. She was addicted to drugs and 2 kids hampered her style. I think that this was a defining moment in my life... I don't trust people easily at all and I've always had a huge steel wall around my heart.. It's almost impossible to break through the barrier. The lesson I learned from her is that people can SAY they love you but alot of times their actions don't reflect that... Abandonment issues?? Yes, I may have them but I've learned that we are all human and will let each other down. I have also learned how far addiction can drive a person. Understanding addiction has helped me to forgive my birth mother.. Holding on to all the hurt, anger, and resentment was wearing me down and making me physically sick ❕❗ I'd have to say YES... IT DIDN'T KILL ME AND IT MADE ME STRONGER...
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