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Looking for ideas on quitting pain meds

Hello everyone, I'm trying to find a way to get off of pain meds. I've injured my back a few times in the past 20 years,last time was about 5 years ago when a truck hit me in a crosswalk. The doctor i saw after the hospital prescribed hydrocodone,the lower dose of 5 mg.,after a year and a half he was giving me the 10's ,dose of two three times daily. I take one half to two extra pills at least for one to two of my daily doses,or on bad days an extra dose. So my obvious dilemma now is running so low,nearly out after a few weeks . I realize I am addicted but each time I've tried to quit the pain,nausea and depression are so severe. I'm not buying pills other than my prescription monthly. I've tried tapering off,wasn't strong enough.

Had anyone found a natural way to get off these meds? I don't want more drugs.           thanks bunches
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You said you are not purchasing pain medicaton other then your prescription yet, you are out after 2 weeks. What are you doing the other 2 weeks you are out? I ask because I understand the vicious cycle of addiction more than some and I know that there was no way I could wait another 2 weeks for my prescription, the pain is too intense. Also, I have been looking into some ways to help alleviate the physical pain associated with withdrawal. If I find something that helps, I will let you know. As far as the mental anguish, the best cure I have for you is the love of God. An intimate relationship with your Creator. And hope. Never stop asking, never stop praying, and always keep hoping that there is a way to get clean and stay that way. God does provide and until you are able to get clean. He will give you an inner peace to endure through it all. Believe me.
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