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Methadone detox

I'm about to go off of methadone from a taper. I need medically relevant information for the post withdrawal symptoms that follow, specifically, the overall weakness that makes it impossible to function. The last time I tried this it was four months before I had to give up (I had to go back to work, had taken time off until I got better.)
     Inofrmation that helps with the other smptoms (lack of sleep, racing heart, etc...) is appreciated also. Only non-addictive substances please!
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Clonidine helped me through the worst of it. I took it for about 7 days or so. Probably could have used it for 10-14. Helps with the racing heart, lack of sleep, anxiety, and sweats. most any doc will prescribe it if you tell him why. Comes in a pill form and a patch. Non-addictive...but it is a BP med and should be tapered off of just to keep your blood pressure OK. I had absolutely no problems with stopping it. Made me a little tired, but I was already without energy, so I slept a lot.
I also tapered down to .5mg from 150mg took ayear and a half . I stopped 4 days ago Clonidine and MELATONIN have helped so far tapering really helps.Next 48 hrs hopefully wont be that bad. and I can really start living again VINNY987
Vinny989.  I hope you come back and tell me how you are doing.  How has it been going.  You were working hard.  Are you still?  How are you doing in the process.  Here to give you encouragement.
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