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we seem to be missing alot of OLD TIMERS. I hope there just really busy everybody is so important to the forum. I hope some will pop it and let us know how they are doing . I am still Clean woohoooo getting ready to go back to college and to get pushing  my life in a forward direction ..there is no room for negativity or negative  directions when keeping our sobriety, One day at a time.Stay positive.!!!!!
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I just dont come here often at all anymore.... Just dont feel welcomed.. And it always seems like a control issue on a lot of the forums.. To bad you come here for support or to give support and the few bad apples think they own the place.. Anyway glad to see your doing well Avisg I am happy for you.. Take care!
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going to school?  wow...i am UBER impressed and UBER proud of you ! ! ! ! !

what are you going to study?  what's your interest?

YAY...YOU GO GIRL ! ! ! ! !
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It always amazing on how all my posts end up moving maybe i I put them on this side they will go on the other LOL .

Well Lizzie after changing my mind at least three times and taking some tests (hold the laughter to a minimum with my spelling )hahahahaha .I am going into paralegal :)  when  I was in high school I was always interested in family law primarily for the children .I also was really interested social work but I just decided I wanted to take my life in a different direction.:)
I am sorry you have felt that way but the best piece of advice I can give you is it doesn't matter what people think of you its what you think of you .Unhappy people like to make others unhappy as well .You choose who you are and how you feel about you and that's all that matters.
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I am happy with who I am and believe me I dont let folks on the net get to me....
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Avis---Well,speaking of missing members!!!!   Haven't seen YOU around much,so I'm glad you posted!

That's great about school!  You'll do well. I just know it!!   Social work can be so sad and draining...I'm glad you're going with the legal side. The money is better,too!

Alien--Stay here! We're nice!  I'm really glad to know you're doing so well!  xo
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I've only been able to get on here sporadically.. just started another semester of school and a new job. This is my last year of school and the job is managing a restaurant so you can imagine I'm going all the time lol. I am going to try and journal on here daily, though, so I should be more present from here on. It's a little crazy to think I almost have 2 years already, seems like just yesterday I was trying to figure out how the heck I was gonna survive detoxing lol. Good to hear your doing well!

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Hi there, its been a great journey staying clean and now I am going to college this spring to study to be a "surgical technician". Its a year and a half course that is not going be easy, but I feel that I am ready for a challenge and would love to be involved with helping someone live and stay alive. I really have the desire and drive to do so, and every now and then I visit this site in which I used to use on an hourly basis back in the fog days. Wow. I can see clearly now. Good to stop by to see some familiar folks. God Bless, Mike in NC
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Mike who in N.C.???
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I haven't been active for a couple weeks as I'm currently unemployed, thanks to my job being "offshored" to Costa Rica and am spending much of my time job searching and stuff around the house and cramming in Dr Appts before my insurance runs out on 2/18.  Fortunately I'm still getting paid until then, after which I get a severance package and will be considered "retired" which opens a few doors (insurance for 1).

I'm still alive and well and miss this place and try to pop in when I can.

All the best to all of you

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I haven't been posting much, but I have been lurking around reading up on how well everyone is doing.  I will have to get back in touch with everyone.  I am almost a year clean of hydros and I feel AMAZING.  Don't get me wrong, there are times I still get the cravings, but I just remember my daughter telling me how great it was to have her mother back and how much she loves me.  That deters me from doing anything stupid.  

I hope everyone had a good holiday and is doing well in their recovery.

Susan (lady 67)
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I do a fly by every now and then................On the addiction site I don't know squat about tapering and some of the new pills are way over my knowledge..............I was a street junkie and when I got clean it was basically detox for 5 days or so,..... move to the unit and getting thrown into the 12 step meetings...Very old school.
   Congrats on going back to school, thats awesome.
Yes I'm clean..............just picked up 26 years on January 21 WOOT HOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am now the proud member of the DECADES CLEAN..CLUB............You can google, they really do exist and you will find my name Debra W....Raleigh NC............Shooting for 30 years....that is soooo beyon my abilities to see............... Hugggs
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Thank God for this site it was a tremendous help for me and is still a place I like to drop in on and see how others are making it and if possible I post a lil advice here and there when possible. I am busy as I have been working at a 12 step club to try to give back a little of what I have received. I make 12 step meetings regularly and apply the spiritual principles in my life daily. My life has changed dramatically and nothing on the outside really other than not using or drinking its all an inside job and it works. Thank God for the program I have today and thank you all for the help I received awhile ago.
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I am so happy to hear everyone is doing well and still comes buy we all did this will the support of each other along with many others.Free you are proof you can stay sober .....
miss u all.
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This forum saved my life and I am proud to consider all on this forum my friends. I have been seeing an addiction counselor since I decided to take my life back and I work hard at my sobriety. I am proud to say I have 245 days clean and I thank all of you for the support and guidance you have given through my journey. God Bless you all---Rick  
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