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Funny how a lot of you guys talked about listening to music a lot, which I am now. Bitter Sweet symphony is playing now.I'm a million people from one day to the next. Kinda ring's home right now.
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I found musi to help sooooo much when i felt my worst!  I used to love music when i was younger, and got away from it as i got older. Totally love getting back into it and i find it makes the tv go off more!  I tried to find upbeat, positive songs that helped me push through the bad parts. In fact, still have headphones in now.  Definately therapeutic!
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Music is VERY healing.  It does WAY more than we could imagine when we listen to music.  I'm one of those that "just wants to know everything about everything"....so if you wanna kill some time reading....here are some fascinating things about MUSIC I put in a journal last Sept.

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Music plays a huge part in my life.. Something different every day.. Kind of like therapy isn't it? I got through cravings literally one song at a time :)
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