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Myspace ?

Who has a myspace page ?

Do you check your childrens myspace page ?

Do you allow your husband or wife to have a myspace page?
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I looked at the website and decided it's not one I wish to get involved with... I created a facebook account once, but to be honest today I think I'm going to kill it...

I have to pick my addictions wisely...  I have this website I'm active on and the autism speaks on occasion, blogspot and livejournal... but otherwise I have to be careful what sites I get involved with.  I can only be active at one place at a time and if I spred myself too thin, then it does no good.
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I have a my space page..only people I actually know on it. lol

No, my kids don't have one..and if they did I would be on it all the time..

I wouldn't are if my spouse had one..

why coolio? just curious
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I have one and my teenagers have one as well.  As a parent I thought I should absolutely know what my kids were into, and so I made a myspace page that allows me easier access to their pages.  I Also made giving me their user names and passwords a requirement to have a page.  

Their "friends" are not allowed to use expletives, show pornography anything else that I feel is inappropriate.  If I find something, I not only talk with my kids and their "friend,"   but I have been known to call parents when I thought something needed attention.  If nothing was done about it, I made my kid(s) delete their friend. (only happened once.)

To do this kind of thing requires constant vigilance, communication with your kids and computer saavy (especially on parental controls and internet "history" controls.)  If you don't want to do all this (or can't,) then I don't recommend letting kids/teens get on the computer without your presence.
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I have a myspace account but rarely go on it.  

My step kids had one but we knew the passwords and all of that.  Now they are on yearbook i think.  I worry about "stalking".

I wouldnt care if my bf had one or not.

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coolio asked because we're going to have a medhelp group on there, the few of us that are on there!! :) domino, I worry about stalkers too, keep your page PRIVATE, only your friends can see it, and require your e-mail or last name for friend requests! :) I'd love to be friends with more of you on there too!!! thanks coolio!!!
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yuppers  I do  and I do keep a check on my teenager .It would not bother me if hubby was on it but he doesnt have any interest in it . mine is  all decked out for hollowenn .
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ohhh another thing that I LOVE about Myspace is that we can hear each others music!! Thats probably my favorite thing about it, I open my page, and turn on my playlist and let it play while I'm on here too :):) I'll have to check out your halloween theme avis!! :)
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for sure!!!! anyone that want myspace addy let me know :)
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let me know too!! I don't know if coolio actually started the group yet, I'll try and get in touch with him today :)
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I don't have one..our (adult) kids do...If we're going to have a group there I might consider it..as long as my kids can't find me and I can't find them.

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LOL, usually people want to check on the kids, but I suppose if yours are grown adults, maybe a different story? :) Just don't tell them about it and have your page private if you decide to.
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I have one....i started it when my son was in the marine corps and just maintained when he got out.  i keep in touch with friends on mine.  i do check both my kids all the time and they are 27 and 25...lol  if you want my addy pm me i will send it to ya.
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Okay if my 2 girls aged 25 and 27 are looking at this........YES your mother looks at your myspace pages on occasion!!!!!
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LOL..I look at my 22 yr olds and my 17 yr olds..thats funny. My 17 yr old is my friend on mine though and doesn't care. My younger kids aren't allowed to have one though.

you need to get on your Mary P...lol
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Now they are on facebook so i have to figure out how to sneak on that one!!!!!!!  LOL
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i have a my space page and so do both my kids...never had any problems on it...

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I have let my 15 yr old get a my space this yr but I have the username and password and it is ran off my email so I can see who writes her and askes to be a friend. I do check it 2 to 3 times a week whenever I choose just to see what is being said. So far I thank God that she has followed values I have taught her and I dont see to much I dont like. But there are alot of horney teenagers out there druggin and drinkin and they do tend to put it all out there. Just monitor and be the parent not a friend when it comes to myspace it will save you a headache.
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I have a Facebook too, so many of my family members had one I felt compelled to have one too, I don't check it NEARly as often as myspace, its set up is strange! hope your great! xo
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i have both myspace and facebook....started out on myspace to stalk my kids...then got on facebook which didnt make my 21 year old happy and she knows how to block me out!  haha...but my 17 yr old son doesn't mind me looking...and both of my kids..their friends have friended me!  its fun...something to do in downtime anyway!
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