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Oxycodone mishap! I need some advice or help or whatever

I am just curious, I never ever use pills but on Friday around 6pm my boyfriend gave me half of 5mg oxycodone and I snorted it with him because he told me it would make me feel relaxed (I stopped smoking weed about 4 months ago) anyway, I had a pee test for a job on Monday at 4pm. I was just wondering if there is any hope that I passed it. I completely didn't even think about that showing up all o thought about was being clean of thc so I'm kinda freaking out. It's not the end of the world but I would love if someon could help me with a guess on whether or not I have a chance of passing.
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Don't trip, you passed. Oxycodone, is an active ingredient in opiate pain pills. And opiates generally stay in your system from 2-4 days. Unless it's an everyday thing then  it can stay for quite a bit longer.
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