I finally felt comfortable to post personal photo but wont be up long if you are interested stop by leave acomment or whatever you like.... Mike
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You sound like me Mike.  I would love to post some pictures of my family, but I just can't get up the nerve to do so.  I am still afraid that someone who doesn't know about my addiction, (someone who hasn't seen the "A" on my forehead) might see them and it cause detremental consequences to my family.  At this point, I really am not worried about me, but I don't want my girls to suffer any of the repercussions.
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Not that I actually care of what I am labeled I dont what that stigma on my loved ones. heck what anyone thinks of me if they dont like it or me they can leave me be and I will be more than hqppy to reciprocate. Hang int there deary. Luve u guys........................... we only live once some shorter some lucky if thats what `it is longer so it matters none in the whoe scheme of things... U no?????????????? Do you like my self portrait of the elephant man merrick????????        I feel like he looks about now........ LOL
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Well Mike, I took a cue from you and put a photo of me and my oldest daughter as my profile.  Don't know how long I will leave it, so look fast.
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