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Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

The California Department of Justice, Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement, CURES, has launched a real-time access Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) system which allows pre-registered users including licensed healthcare prescribers eligible to prescribe controlled substances, pharmacists authorized to dispense controlled substances, law enforcement, and regulatory boards to access real-time patient controlled substance history information.

The California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown, Jr. said that if doctors and pharmacies have real-time access to controlled substance history information it will help them make better prescribing decisions and cut down on prescription drug abuse in California. The role of the PDMP entrusts that well informed prescribers and pharmacists can and will use their professional expertise to evaluate their patients care and assist those patients who may be abusing controlled substances.

The state’s database known as the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System, C.U.R.E.S, contains over 100 million entries of controlled substance drugs that were dispensed in California. Each year the CURES program responds to more that 60,000 requests from practitioners and pharmacists. The online PDMP system will make it much easier for authorized prescribers and pharmacists to quickly review controlled substance information via the automated Patient Activity Report (PAR) in an effort to identify and deter drug abuse and diversion through accurate and rapid tracking of Schedule II through IV controlled substances.

CURES is committed to assisting in the reduction of pharmaceutical drug diversion without affecting legitimate medical practice or patient care. The PDMP is a valuable investigative, preventive, and educational tool for law enforcement, regulatory boards, educational researchers, and the healthcare community.

In order to obtain access to the PDMP system Prescribers and Pharmacists must first register with CURES by submitting an application form electronically at https://pmp.doj.ca.gov/pmpreg/. In addition, your registration must be followed up with a signed copy of your application and notarized copies of your validating documentation which includes: Drug Enforcement Administration Registration, State Medical License or State Pharmacy License, and a government issued identification. You can mail your application and notarized documents to:

Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement (BNE)

Attn: PDMP Registration

P.O. Box 160447

Sacramento, CA 95816

Another option would be to forgo the notary and present your documents in person at anyone of our BNE Regional Office locations and our sworn personnel will validate and collect your supporting documentation.

Dissemination or distribution of PDMP information to anyone other than the registered user is strictly prohibited. Disciplinary, civil or criminal actions will be taken by the Department of Justice and/or appropriate Regulatory Board for any misuse or inappropriate accessing of patient data.

HIPAA and all confidentiality and disclosure provisions of California Law cover the information contained in this database. All users must comply with HIPAA Privacy Rule Requirements when using the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program System. US Department of Health and Human Services, HIPAA guidelines are located at http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/index.html.

The CURES program will continue to provide manual PAR’s to the medical community, investigative referrals to BNE field offices, print out requests to outside law enforcement for assistance in investigation, and specialized reports to researchers upon request.

Physician Patient Activity Report  [PDF 17 kb / 1 pg]
Pharmacist Patient Activity Report  [PDF 75 kb / 1 pg]

Investigation and Enforcement
The CURES program works to identify and analyze CURES data for possible diversion of controlled substances. Criminal Intelligences Specialists analyze the data for possible diversion, compile intelligence to support their findings and disseminate the referral to the appropriate DOJ/Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement regional offices. Upon request, CURES also provides aid to local law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

Submission of Controlled Substance Data
January 1, 2007 pursuant to Health and Safety (H&S) Code Section 11190 and Business and Professions Code 4170, all licensees who dispense Schedule II, Schedule III, and Schedule IV controlled substances must provide the dispensing information to the Department of Justice on a weekly basis.

All controlled substance prescription data needs to be submitted in the ASAP 2005 version 3 format and all other reporting format submissions will be rejected. As stated in H&S code section 11165, you must submit your data on a weekly basis. For information related to reporting controlled substance prescription data please contact our vender Infinite Solutions, at www.4infinitesolutions.com/cures or (916) 679-5720.

Online Direct Dispense Reporting Application
Effective July 1, 2009, you may submit your direct dispense controlled substance data to the Department of Justice using a web based application provided by the department’s vender Infinite Solutions. Prior to submitting your direct dispense data you must first register with Infinite Solutions at www.4infinitesolutions.com/cures. Please note, the web based direct dispense application is for Prescribers and Pharmacists who have less then 25 direct dispense occurrences a month in any six month period. Prescribers and Pharmacists will still have the option of submitting their direct dispense information electronically to Infinite Solutions using the ASAP 2005 format. For more information on submitting your direct dispense data electronically please contact Infinite Solutions at (916) 679-5720.


Lost Or Stolen Prescription Forms
Instructions  [PDF 7.5 kb / 1 pg]
BNE 1176 Reporting Theft/Loss Form  [PDF 90 kb / 1 pg]

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Avatar universal
I feel that we just so happen to be the most DRUG ADDICTED nation in the WORLD..

Sooooo, with that said.. (and.. although I have a VERY trace=able HISTORY)
I AGREE with LEE in his comment about DOING SOMETHING to STOP  the ABUSE of PILLS...

Perscribed or OTHER WISE.. we have GOT to do SOMETHING...

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well they have to do something to stop all the abuse of pills so this sounds like a good start
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341649 tn?1255782090
so this might stop some Dr. shopping or slow some pill intake it's just one more on a long list of big brother and its need to compile data.  The US keeps track of everything everyone does, spending habits, driving routes e-mails sites visited, travel you name it they want to know.
I sleep better knowing I am looked after so well
now if they only cared if the info was correct
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