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Recommended Reading?

I'd like to knowwhat books anyone has found helpful in dealing with addiction, recovery and codependency.

I'm reading Love Is A Choice, by Dr. Robert  Hemflet, Dr. Frank Minirith, and Dr. Paul Meier.

I was abusing alcohol for years while in a marriage to an alcoholic who covertly used drugs. When the relationship ended my efforts to escape reality led to abusing opiates. This book is really helping me to cope with the anger and depression over how that relationship affected me.

Knowledge is power. Anyone like to share what knowledge empowered them?
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I constantly read the old standbys....The AA Big Book, The NA Basic Text, the 12 and 12 and the It Works, How and Why. They're very helpful even if you're not a 12 step meeting person. The Al-Anon book is great, too. Someone once told me that there's not a problem that the Big Book doesn't have an answer to..and, if it doesn't..then it isn't a problem. I've found that to be true. Whenever I feel down, I usually find a personal experience story in the back of the Big Book or Basic Text that will encourage me.
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Ginsa is absolutely right.  I am also reading that same book.  It's very very good.  I highly recommend it.  It's also helping me understand what is going on with my spouse who suffered a very bad childhood.
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