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Taper Twin for Me

Are you tapering to get off Norco or other opioids?
Do you need a taper buddy?  
I'm on a Doctor supervised taper & I had a relapse.
Now I'm starting over.  Pamela
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Oh Seaside I'm so sorry. I'm not tapering but I'm here to support you. You have my prayers and thoughts!
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I am self tapering...which has been a nightmare. I was prescribed methadone 10mg twice a day with breakthrough meds of norcos 3 times a day. Im off the methadone but struggling terribly with withdrawl issues every 4 to 6 hours. Id be interested in a buddy to just compare notes..health issues..etc.
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Neine. I've invited you as a friend. You can read my journals for lots of notes.
Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on the methadone. You'll get the rest done.   Pamela
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