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Texas Dr Shopping? HELP IM SCARED!!!!

I have seen a physciatrist since moving to Texas a year ago. I have no health insurance. During a routine visit to a new primary care dr, I informed her of my medications. Klonopin, 1 mg Adderoll a day, and 800 mg Gabapentin.
Anyhow, I learned that my primary physician specialized in ADHD. She took over my ADHD/Adderoll case and prescribed 2 1/2 pill a day. Well last month I'd been to my physciatrist and let him know the primary care Dr. was taking over everything, since I could only afford ONE Dr.
   Today when I needed to get my adderoll, and the pharmacy said it was too soon, I explained to them that I had just seen her, and told her I was out early, a couple in my jeans pocket on the 4th of July, and honestly YES, she knew this morning they weren't working.
   Well the problem lies that apparently for the last time I filled a script of Adderoll with from my physciatrist back in June. I had already turned everything over to my Primary Dr. and really HONESTLY got her new script filled, and went by that. I had the other put away and never gave it any more thought.
  The Dr. accused me of Dr. Shopping and THATS HONEST TO GOD NOT AT ALL WHAT I WAS DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a few medications, antibiotics, etc nothing harmful, in my bathroom and no I don't live alone. I don't know who all has been over here, but NO I don't have them, the extra Adderoll, But I can swear I certainly didnt take them LET ALONE SELL THEM!!!!!! Like these horrible things Im reading on the internet. I have been a total basketcase for HOURS NOW.
   I didn't do anything that I thought was wrong, or even think about the old prescription and its doseage etc. once I got with my family/primary dr.
  I am TERRIFIED TO TEARS of what may happen. I live in Texas. I DID NOT mean to do anything wrong, but Im reading horror stories not know WHAT ON EARTH is going to happen???? I do not feel "addicted" or anything. Im just so scared I am in TROUBLE and I DIDNT MEAN TO DO ANYTHING!!!!!
   Does anyone know these new Texas Laws??? What should I do???? Expect???? Just help!
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How did everything turn out for you? When you spoke yo your doctor and explained did she say she understood? Again I really wouldn't let it bother you it takes alot more than a doctor suspecting you of Dr shopping for the DEA to bring you up on charges.
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It was my primary care Dr. this morning. It was when I was honestly out of Adderall and I'd told her that. She then saw from the national datatbase or whavetever, that I got a lower dose of Adderall filled from my physciatrist at the begining of June.   So she's the one who said "I am dr shopping, it is illegal, and she needs to look into it more"
   Meanwhile I am like DYING OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! I DID NOT mean to even do it! I didn't think about it!!!! I didn't know that changing everything over to her and leaving the other Dr. behind, plus any different things he had me on was going to affect me like this. I really didn't do it on purpose!!!!
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Which doctor accused you of doctor shopping? If you have never had any problems like this before I would not worry about the Dr shopping comment. Some doctors are just ignorant any say stupid things. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
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