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Tragedy in Washington DC

I am sure that most everyone has heard of the shooting today at the Holocaust Museum. What a sad event to happen to our country, and the strange part is the man was 88 years old and a WWII, vet. Thanks to a guard, who lost his life, saved many people. They are reporting that he must have jumped in front of the gunman. Why is there so much hate and destruction going on in this country. I think it is a very sad day when you are afaird to take your family to a museum, thinking they may get shot at with a shotgun.

The media is reporting that the gunman was a white supermist, and had served 6 years in jail for trying to break into the federal reserve back 20 or 30 years ago. I guess this is just another sd commentary on what is happening to our morals and standards for this country. This is not a poltical statement, I don't think it is a republican or a democrat problem, this is the moral decay of our nation.

I am so sadden by this event, I hope we all say a prayer for the guard who was killed, and for our country, it needs all gthe prayers it can get
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It is a tragedy and it is so very sad...people wonder why war is an ongoing business...how can we get along with other countries and cultures when we can't even get along with our next door neighbors and killing is rampant in the streets with no regard for the innocent lives that are being taken, here, everyday??  Lives taken in vain because no one learns a lesson or is enlightened and changed by the death of an innocent, certainly not the shooter and certainly not the ones that perpetuate the hatred that drives people to think that killing is the only answer...
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What a tragedy......
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We are living in a sad and dangerous time, and I think it will get worse and worse, and not get better, it seams the more that someone trys to bring people togather the more hate there is.
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