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Twas The Night Before Detox

Twas the night before detox, and all through the house
There is panic and fear, knowing what it's about
Immodium by the bed, just praying it will work
Needing to get some sleep, but my legs start to jerk

The family was all nestled, snug in their bed
While visions and nightmares dance in my head
When out on the lawn, I heard such sound
But it's all in my head, getting paranoid coming down

When what to my wondering eyes should appear
A new day has come and it became so clear
More rapid than eagles, I saw a glimpse of light
That gave me hope and continue to fight

One day at a time, is all it will take
Need help and support, so that i won't break
On bobby, on domino, on avis and kim715 too
Show us the way, and keep helping us through

I sprang to my truck with a sigh of relief
And drove away fast, from all of this grief
But I yelled out loud as I drove out of sight
Good luck in your recovery and to all a good night

By gizzy32

Happy holidays everyone. Stay true to this fight, we will make it:)
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Who knew there was an amazing poet among us,I think this year for the first time on the night before Christmas I'll be going to chuch I'll pray for GOD to get me through the next day,My first Christmas without alcohol.
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I loved that!
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Talent right there. Sober christmas sounds soooooooo awsome.
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Love it!
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   What a thing to come home to after a hard day and sit down and read, you are talented ty for putting a smile on my face for the night, you had just made me lauph at text while i was reading this too  ty my dear friend.
And id like to wish everyone Happy Holiday's too!!! Stay strong friends, this time of year seems to be hard for everyone but together we all can stay strong
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very nice gizzy......yes we will make it....thanks for posting...maria :)
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It seems almost like you could have authored that giz!!!   And its very good and of course timely.  Lets hear some more for other holidays - - you have some advance notice. Shouldnt let talent like that fade away!   Thanks for that one........
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Great post Giz,as usual.....I had a day from he!! today and this just put a huge smile on my face.......Much love my friend....Kim
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That was wonderful gizzy and also put a smile on my face.... Thanks
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very good...in fact, i'm going to print it and give it to someone in need ....if ya don't mind
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Your talents are endless there gizzy!!!  Thanks for the smile~~~~~~mp
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LOL This was great Gizzy !! Thank you :)
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You never cease you amaze me Chris! That was awesome, I loved it! Hugs!
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653169 tn?1303446369
  very creative and hits the mark exactly!!
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Great post! Because it is the night before detox for me and I'm scared....
Thanks for the smile : )
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youre such a multifaceted dude, lol  Great poem Gizz . what makes it even more remarkable is the fact that coke was your DOC, not pills,  so the immodium bottle part really shows how much youve learned from being here and your empathy for all.  x o xo
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Gizzy - thanks for this post.  Man can I relate, sooooo true.  
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Man,Thats awesome !!
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