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Woke up this morning....

I woke up this morning feeling very happy and very proud to have been part of a large group of Americans that worked very hard to get Obama to the Presidency.  Mary and I have been talking about President Elect Obama for more than the 2 years he has been campaigning.  It was actually about 6 years ago that Mary said to watch this fellow Barack Obama,  said he was a great man and would be our first black president. It's been a long road, and I just want to thank everyone who has supported him and volunteered in his campaign. We did it !  Its a great day for this country!
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Congrats to you Magi! Im glad that you are so happy! It is a new era for our country. It is a time of new hope! Obama does seem like a great man~ I hope he turns out to be a great President! It is exciting to see so many people so filled with joy and hope! I was even crying at the sight of all the happy people and I did not vote for Obama! It is good for our country that there seems to be a new spirit of unity!! God bless~ Peace!
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To bring this great nation back we need to all help our new President out.  He stood before us last night a very humbled man.  Can we do this??  Yes We Can!!!!!
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I normally watch politicians speak with a sour cynical look on my face but I have to say that what was said in Obama's speech last night actually made me feel... hopeful. I noticed that the usual hoopla of balloons and confetti was absent as was the arrogance that most exude when they stand before us and proclaim that THEY will make a difference.

I liked the fact that he said that it was not his victory - it was ours as a nation. I also liked that he said that this was going to take hard work and a combined effort and that it might take time to make progress. He is so articulate, poised, and eloquent and I am hoping... as sincere as he seems.

Also - it is SO nice to see a future with a President who can string more than 5 words together and pronounce them correctly.   ;)

Lol. No More Bush 2.0! Yay!
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LOL,  Any good reason Bush can't leave the White House early?
I would love to be the one to shut the door on his a$$ when he leaves.
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You girls did work hard, for what and who you believed in.  I really admired that.  You should feel proud of yourselves.........I bet dinner was really good last night......and the wine.  Wish I could have been there.  I did still cry when McCain conceded......don't know why......maybe its the creature of habit in me that doesn't adapt well to "Change"...

So, what are we gonna help you girls through the "Election Withdrawal" ??.

We will be here for you....:-))

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The election is over and done with, and whether we voted for Obama or not, there is nothing we can do now except support our new President.  I pray that the nation comes together for the good of every citizen and that we can move forward.  I also hope that all the people who have been on their knees praying for the election will continue to pray for our country.  This can be a time of change that moves us forward, or it can be a time that causes complete turmoil.  I only hope that it isn't the later.

Even though there was a lot less mud slingling in this election, I feel that it was the most exhausting election that I have been through in a very long time.  The candidates weren't the ones causing the strife, it was the voters.  I think we could all take notes from McCain and Obama on how to get along.

Good night and God Bless
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I believe that this is the best thing that could have happened for this country. This change was very much needed. I'am sure things wont change over night by all means , but at least it's a new start for all of us and things will change before his is out . May GOD and our LORD watch over him.
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